AD Country Club
Abu Dhabi Country Club Image Credit: Supplied

With 20 years of creating memories to last a lifetime, Abu Dhabi Country Club is now more than just a gym facility. It offers a wide palate of services and facilities that fulfil all the requirements for workouts, body transformation, slimming, practising sports and leisure.

We have all the tools to help guests transform their bodies, get healthier and stay fit

- Mohsen Mahfouz, General Manager, Abu Dhabi Country Club

“We have designed a Sports School for kids to keep the young generation engaged in sports activities,” says Mohsen Mahfouz, General Manager, Abu Dhabi Country Club. “If you want to improve your lifestyle through relaxation, fitness or meeting new friends, Abu Dhabi Country Club is the place for you.”

And it doesn’t end there — club members and guests can attend fitness classes, swim in the heated pool, fly in the only indoor skydiving tunnel, play tennis, squash, padel, football and basketball. The club has the biggest indoor cycling studio with 75 bikes, and six studios that conduct more than 120 group fitness classes weekly. “We have all the tools to help guests transform their bodies, get healthier and stay fit,” says Mahfouz. “We always get the best professionals on board.”

The club has a ladies-only gym, besides 40 weekly group classes strictly for women in the other studios. They can also avail services at the females-only sections in The Club Spa and the beauty salons. “About 60 per cent of our active members are females,” says Mahfouz. “Nationality-wise we have 40 per cent Emiratis, 30 per cent other Arab nationalities and 30 per cent expats, mostly Europeans, Americans and Canadians.”

The Abu Dhabi Country Club has built a strong reputation for its proactive approach in promoting health, fitness and leisure. “We have personalised services of global standards at the club,” says Mahfouz. “Our variety of fitness programmes and related services suit all ages and all fitness levels.”

To keep a successful business model, the club tries to be different through innovative services and great customer experience. “To stay in line with our vision we have to continuously invest in our team, venues and keep up with international standards,” says Mahfouz. “We always check global trends as we want to be the first ones to bring new fitness concepts to the UAE.”

Mahfouz’s ultimate goal is to remain the top family-oriented country club with first-class facilities and services. “We want our members and guests to enjoy a lifestyle that is both casual and relaxed, yet refined and exclusive.”

The writer is the Front Office and Recreation Manager, Abu Dhabi Country Club