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We often resist thoughts, emotions, things which we are averse to. Sometimes we are so focused on not thinking about a thought or an emotion, that we end up thinking about it and experiencing it more. The more we resist something, the more it persists, this is the Law of Resistance at work; what you resist in life, will persist.

Most of us invoke the Law of Resistance even without being aware of it. For example, in constantly thinking, ‘I am stuck in this situation’, one remains stuck, movement doesn’t happen.

However, in affirming positively as, ‘I move to better situation/s’, one dissolves resistance, allowing movement to come to life. Whatever one pays attention to more, one manifests that thought more. The degree of attention determines the degree of manifestation (Law of Attention).

So, how does one use this Law fruitfully? Begin by getting into the habit of choosing positive words, affirmations, thoughts. Stay positive and hold on to the vision of what you desire. For example, ‘my day is productive today’ (instead of focusing on what is going on as ‘the day is going to be chaotic’).

This is not pretension but re-arranging of thought patterns to bring forward the productive day; the possibility of which already exists in the non-physical realm and your focus to it, will bring it forward in the physical reality, for you to experience.

Understanding The Law of Resistance

When the conscious mind repeats a thought enough times, it seeps into the subconscious mind. The sub-conscious mind yields accordingly. For example, in saying, ‘I can never get this job’, is telling the subconscious mind, ‘never get this job’. However, in positively affirming, ‘I welcome my new job’, will bring a new job.

The subconscious mind takes instructions literally. For example, in saying, ‘I can’t decide’, will ensure you can’t, however, if you were to say, ‘I can decide’, you will.

While working with this Law, note that the subconscious mind is resistant to negative instructions. For example, in saying, ‘Don’t think about stars’, you will think about stars. Words such as don’t, won’t, can’t, not, activate resistance. The subconscious mind doesn’t register them. It is only the conscious mind that can differentiate between do and don’t.

Remember that the subconscious mind works just like a computer program. For example, when you instruct Siri, ‘Siri, don’t show me the weather report’. Siri will show you the weather report. Instruct your computer, ‘don’t bring me the ‘abc’ file’, it will sort through hundreds of files to present you just the ‘abc’ file and no other.

Blocking the good life

When the mind is relaxed, think positively about your goals, desires. It is a wrong time to resist. Have positive visualisations/ imagery towards what you’d like to accomplish; when the conscious mind is relaxed, the subconscious mind is a fertile ground ready to ‘seed’ thoughts. So ‘seed’ positive thoughts /imagery and reap a positive harvest (i.e. manifest positively).

We often resist good things in life, without realising that we are doing so. When we doubt and fear, we resist the ease and flow of life, when we complain about lack/ shortages, we resist the abundance that is in waiting.

When do we activate resistances? When we feel that the other person or the world, is out to get one. (This is operating from victim consciousness). When we don’t take responsibility for our thoughts/actions and instead blame others and situations. How can this be overcome? This is by owning up to our actions, behaviours, thoughts, words--basically owning up to the responsibility that our life is our creation the way we respond to situations and people. When this realisation occurs, resistance melts.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: