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In my last column, I talked about the ever-present inner guidance and how it is ready to be tapped by one’s inner desire. When one is driven for change/ transformation, the inner guidance is ready to serve.

Inner guidance exists because the Source light, that is the light of Supreme Consciousness, is present in all individuals. The Source Light illumines the mind and the inspirations of pure energy flows from that Creative Source. The machinations of the mind can throw all kinds of ideas but if you are connected to the inner Source guidance then you will know which ideas are coming from the pure energy.

Your senses will guide you. When you feel the rub or the excitement of things, when you feel indifferent to life or participate in it, when you feel anger or love from someone or towards someone, you know which feeling is coming from the Source energy and which isn’t. That which is coming from the Source will keep you in alignment, in balance and in good-feeling space, that which is not, will feel like separation, sort of disconnect, your own thoughts and actions will be questionable to you.

How can you purify your senses towards alignment?

Look at the mismatch between your thoughts, the conflicting thoughts, the actions of irregular nature, the distractions of the behaviour, the inconsistencies, the feeling of,’ this is not who I am’, or ‘this is not where I want to be’, all these guide your senses.

To purify, with conscious awareness, guide your perceptive sense organs; allow your eyes to fall upon those reading materials that give your inner core, a sense of peace and relief. Use your ears to hear selectively, that which gives you a sense of peace and relief. Choose to be in the company of people who don’t judge.

Observing silence is a great way to reflect on the inner on-goings. Observe silence with guided focus /intention on, ‘I will reflect what is going on in /with my life’. Reflect, only do that, reflect. And not get consumed by the experience of that, on which you are reflecting, or emotions attached to them. You can declare, ‘I am me. When I reflect, I see mental images or hear them as if they are happening on a mirror. This helps me to keep my core energy intact’.

So, simply be an observer, and without getting embroiled, sort out things for you. Silence has to be guided towards this purpose. Reflection, not consumption. When you don’t allow emotions to consume you, you can reflect well and proper.

How do I treat Me, Myself?

The other way to purify your senses is to behave toward others/ treat them, the way you would like to be treated. This also means, first and foremost: ‘I treat myself the way I ‘d like to be treated by others, because if I live and emanate that energy, I give the same message to others.’

What you live, is what you give / declare to others energetically, therefore, be clear as to how you’d like to be treated by others, and first accord the same treatment by you to you. All of the rest will fall into place.

First be what you want others to be to you. Your vibrational frequency has to precede what you are calling forth from others in terms of how they treat you. Being in the vibration of appreciation, non-judgement and love to self, is a great way to start.

Don’t give too much of yourself to others and don’t receive too much from others, energetically. Meaning, energetically don’t drain yourself in giving your attention and energetically, don’t hoard and demand others’ feeling and affection too much. Keep the love and affection free flowing for a proper energy balance. Mutual-ness is the key towards self-alignment.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: