Being backstage is thrilling as you get to see how things are really done. To be backstage at a fashion show is to see delicately reined in chaos.

Models dressed in previous designer's outfits rush on and off stage into a changing room lined with various outfits, each with the model's name pinned on so that they don't lose track of a them. Throwing off and throwing on clothes at a lightning pace, the models rush to take their place back underneath the spotlights, to ensure that each designer has their own moment in the limelight.

In the meantime, assistants are scrambling to put away one designer's pieces while bringing out the next designer's items and lining them up. But before they are worn, models must first sit in a make-up artist's chair, have their faces and hair fussed over; primped and pulled, fluffed and coloured. Once that stage is complete, they rush to get dressed and the cycle begins anew.The designer is also on hand keeping an eagle eye on every detail.

Starting the show

First, there is the briefing with the head make-up artist on the vision for the show's theme, then making sure that it is translated accurately along with hairstyles for the show. Any last minute nipping and tucking is also taken care of.

At the same time though, there are several models lucky enough to catch a break. You can see them lounging around in comfortable clothes, either drinking water or one of the other beverages being offered backstage or nibbling food that has been provided.

Alternatively, you can find them with their noses buried in a book. Whether it is their favourite novel or a recently released one, it is one way they can pass the time and escape from the chaos.