Mr Mahadev BK of Dubai says:

We requested etisalat to shift our existing company telephone lines from our old location in Al Ghusais to our new location in Ras Al Khor. The request was made on April 6. Etisalat issued us new numbers. They have also connected the fax number. But they have not connected the telephone lines. Every time we call their helpline, they tell us it is being processed. We visited their customer service station at Al Twar, but to no avail. Any help Gulf News can do on our behalf will be greatly appreciated. Etisalat do not seem to realise that as a business customer, we are severely handicapped when no operational phone lines exist.

The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly be informed that shifting service has been completed for Mr Mahadev and customer is satisfied.


Mr Mahadev responds:

Etisalat have finally connected our lines - I am sure mainly due to the help of Gulf News.

Although the number we were originally promised has been changed, we at least have a landline connected to our office, albeit, the shifting took about two months to be done.