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The decade is soon coming to an end and one of the things that have happened is that humans are walking ten times faster than we were at the beginning of it. Gulf News readers discuss whether productivity has increased and why is everyone in such a hurry?

Maximising productivity

Overall wellbeing is being overlooked

Everyone is living a fast-paced life. People want to get the maximum out of everything, whether it may be rushing home to get a perfect work-life balance or maximise the streams of revenue by business expansions, better jobs, or more. Today a person compromises his or her sleep in order to achieve the above-mentioned set goals. The younger generation have advance set of skills which the previous generation should nourish accordingly in order to reach their benchmarks rather than doing manual tasks. However, in a hurry of achieving business and career related goals today, an individual overlooks their mental satisfaction and happiness, which has resulted in people with physical and mental health problems such as anxiety depression, anger, mood swings, etc. Ultimately, one should organise, set certain targets and delegate work in accordance to achieve their career or growth related goals as well as personal goals.

From Ms Reema Gandhi

Account executive based in Dubai

Getting faster

It’s part of social evolution

Life’s pace would almost, always need to synchronise with the pace of the world, that’s how I feel like it always was and if you were unable to accommodate that pace, you’d miss out on opportunities in all fields. I would say that this is not caused by one specific subject but all as one, the growth is so rapid and the demands are always high and we evolve a bit each day. However, as with everything else it comes with its pros and cons.

Things getting done proactively is never a complaint you will have by a consumer of something, whether it’s a product, a relationship or pretty much anything and in that sense our world today is a perfect environment for it, and it’s only getting faster as we evolve further.

However, not all things can be accomplished with deadlines on top of them. Unfortunately there is no provision for those things and they are also in the same mix of today’s fast world therefore taking away from the potential quality something could have had, it should be our focus how to balance between both to find a good medium.

From Mr Nishan Dias

Facilities Manager based in Dubai

Balance needed

Today’s world requires being fast

We are a lot more productive today due to the fast paced life we live. Today everyone has some place to rush to in their need to survive. As the population has increased, in comparison to what it was ten years ago, so has the competition. Hence, the need for speed is in order to be first in this race we call life. Therefore it is not only speed that has increased our productivity levels but also our ability to multitask. At one point women were credited to honing this capability however in this present day and age, all humans are learning how to multitask from school itself.

I believe we all do keep the goal of being rewarded with some downtime at the end of the day however, with the variety of entertainment options available, downtime has now been replaced with entertainment that engages the brain. Do I agree with this fast paced life? No, I quite frankly find it quite unhealthy, however, a balance is needed to be achieved where we can compete yet be present fully to enjoy the accomplishments.

From Ms Natalie Verghese

Public relations professional and food blogger based in Dubai

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