‘This is a serious issue and it could have led to a major accident,’ says Aswathi Ajith about this careless motorist who was driving on the highway with a ladder strapped to the side of the car. Image Credit: Aswathi Ajith/Gulf News Reader

This picture was taken on Al Khail Road in Dubai. The photographed car was driving at a speed of not less than 110 kilometres per hour with a ladder attached to the right side of the car. On seeing this scene, I got scared and being a community reporter, I decided to take this picture and send it to Gulf News to raise awareness. This is a serious issue and it could have led to a major accident.

Luckily no accident occurred this time and I lost track of the car when it took the Al Quoz exit. The authorities should be very tough on such reckless motorists and should not spare them. I hope they will work to create awareness keeping in mind a target of zero road casualties by 2020.

— The reader is a fifth grade student at The Millennium School, Dubai, and is based in Sharjah

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