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  • Should you take a social media detox.
  • Should people maintain a balance?

Finding that perfect, aesthically pleasing shot to upload online or watching everyone’s life updates on social media platforms is part of many people’s daily routine. But some people are choosing to give up their online presence. Gulf News readers discuss why.

It’s all noise:
Keeping away from social media can help self-progress

Living off the grid is not only feasible but sometimes, over shorter periods even, important. It is simply because as a society we tend to create a lot of noise, which is enabled by the technology. Be it emails, messages, videos, social media they all have their benefits but are indeed mostly noise. I choose to be off the grid to just get some breathing space, to better understand myself, and to refocus on what’s important without being caught in the flow of life. Even though being off technology hampers my social life a bit, being in touch is harder, especially with those who are not geographically close. I think in the long run it’ll just make my conversations and my connections that much more important. Being completely off the grid obviously is a hard affair so I prefer to regulate my time around my mobile especially by making a conscious effort to stay away from it once I’m home from work and by removing all non-essential applications and technological distractions.

From Mr Sudeep Devpura
Financial analyst based in Dubai

Personal preferences:
People can maintain a healthy balance with their online presence

It is totally a personal choice and individual preferences the way they wish to interact with society. Few strata of people believe it is unnecessary to be a part of social media, others keep private and are less interactive for reasons to suit their lifestyle and social needs.

I guess a sense of lack about oneself pushes people wanting to be liked, recognised and get attention. A social media addict slowly gets secluded from society, spending time online and becoming less active.

On the contrary, less time spent of social media makes one very productive as the time is utilized for pursuing their passions and feeling fulfilled which ultimately leads to a better mental state.

Majority of people are depending on social media use and it has become a way of life for too many. I personally chose to be active on some chatting platforms which are convenient, encourage constant connectivity and useful to even the older generations. However, I am not active on other social media applications and websites, and I’m completely content living that way. If I need to speak to anyone, I pick my phone up and call.

From Ms Anjali Sharma
Dubai resident

Temporary rewards:
Social media can make us want to please society

The decision of decreasing my digital presence was taken approximately three years ago. It was more of a process; I started to decrease the amount of time spent online and on social media, and lowered the frequency of personal posts on my accounts. I came to the realization of how many hours per week were lost perfecting angles and taking the best shots. Being active on social media, especially at the age of 20, had put over me a heavy weight that I didn’t know I was carrying. It caused me to live in a vicious cycle of stress, as I felt a strong urge and ‘responsibility’ to prove to all my friends, present in different countries, that I was living a good life, frequenting fancy and interesting places, taking artistic pictures, wearing fashionable clothes, and always having the best time with friends.

It caused me to live in a vicious cycle of stress, as I felt a strong urge and ‘responsibility’ to prove to all my friends, present in different countries, that I was living a good life...

- Ahlam Hashim

Great posts come with great ‘rewards’, from vibrant comments to hundreds of likes, which, in my opinion, are the fire that keeps this vicious cycle alive, as they fill our egos and erase any insecurities, making us feel loved and accepted in society.

From Ms Ahlam Hashim
Sharjah resident

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