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What you need to know:

  • To you listen to understand or refute?
  • What makes good listeners?

Social media users highlighted the characteristics of good listeners and emphasized the importance of having effective conversations. Some gave tips to improve one’s communication skills.

If you know how to improve your methods to have a better communication like, don’t interrupt, listen, and put attention when someone is speaking to you, you will be able to understand someone ideas in a better way.

Communication characteristics:
Keep eye contact while talking to people
Don’t interrupt people when they talk
Listen to people’s questions
Use simple and clear language
Repeat your message...

[A] Good listener is a key to have a good conversation.

A good conversation tends to narrow the gap between positions, a bad conversation tends to widen it.
Let’s aspire to good conversation. Don’t misrepresent what the other person is saying. Ask questions. Seek clarification. Listen. Respond kindly. Assume good intentions.

My fellow empaths, you’re no one’s energetic debit card or credit card. Remember this when engaging in conversation. Do they just want to talk, but not listen, and feel good when it’s done? Well that is an unhealthy energy exchange my friends. Remove these interactions.