Studio portrait of a young man getting a makeover against a gray background Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Social media users emphasised on self-love and highlighted how beauty standards are based on economic shifts. They discussed how people are drawn to ideals set by certain groups that can change through time.


Our standards of beauty are shaped by what costs the most money to maintain and what we’re actually drawn to is the class indicators that beauty products symbolize, welcome to my TED talk


Beauty standards and how we look do not define us. Worth should not be based on how physically attractive we are to one another. The habit of placing looks on a pedestal creates an unfair economy on aesthetic and contributes to other toxic environments...



Beauty standards as well as fat-shaming (in the guise of “health concerns”) are a fundamental part of our society and economy; the lean in/feel good message is unrealistic and damaging, more for women than men.


Did y’all know that body shapes go in and out of style just like clothing itself?


So we base a woman’s attractiveness off of a beauty standard that literally changes with the economy...