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She is a one-year-old Saluki cross who is fully vaccinated and spayed. Caramel is full of energy and curious about the world around her so an active family that can keep her entertained and happy would be best. Caramel loves meeting new friends whether they are other dogs or people.


Frankie is a one-year-old mix breed who is fully vaccinated and neutered. His perfect home would be one that understands that he is shy and needs positive reinforcement to help him build confidence and takes things step by step. Frankie needs a family that will focus on socialising him with other dogs and humans. Frankie has come a long way from when he was first rescued, he takes his time and needs his space when it comes to new experiences but he always loves learning.

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Little Vanilla is a four-month-old desert dog who is fully vaccinated. Any home would be perfect for Vanilla as long as they have plenty of love to give and time to teach and socialise him. He is a sweet puppy, eager to please and learn, and happy to play and cuddle.

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