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  • Reader seeks help to solve complaint. 

I would like to ask for your kind assistance regarding my end of service benefits, which has been held by Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB). I have contacted DIB customer service staff and told me that DIB would not release my end-of-service benefits due to my loan, which is as per their “new policy”.

I am completely not aware of that policy when I signed the loan contact. It really surprised me, especially right now that I am expecting to use my end of service benefits for my house rent and school fees of my three children studying in Dubai.

I already have a job now and most willing to send my documents to DIB to transfer my salary from my new company to my DIB account and continue paying my remaining installments of my loan. But as per DIB, they would just adjust my end of service benefits to my loan. I find it unreasonable that I don’t get to receive my gratuity, even though I am still paying my Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI). I still wish to continue until it is fully settled. I would understand if DIB withheld my end of service benefits if I didn’t have a secure job, but since I do, what is the issue?

I hope Gulf News’ assistance can provide a reasonable and favourable result. I am hoping for an immediate response.

From Mr Arwin Florencio

The management of DIB responds: DIB would like to confirm that its Customer Support team has been informed about Mr Florencio’s situation. We are pleased to say that the team has contacted the customer and the matter has been resolved in due course. We now consider the case to be closed and look forward to helping Mr Florencio in any other way we can.

At DIB, we greatly value our customers and ensure that their requests or concerns are addressed and resolved in the best possible manner.

Mr Florencio responds: I would like to sincerely express my appreciation to Gulf News for helping me to solve my issue with DIB for not releasing my end of service benefits.

A DIB representative called me and said she would look into my case and after a few days I’ve got a call from her again informing that my end of service amount has been released and it is reflecting into my account. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to DIB for reconsidering my case and acting so quickly. Kudos to Gulf News and DIB for providing a quick and effective solution into my case.

(Process initiation: October 10, 2018. Response from organisation: October 24, 2018. Process completion: October 29, 2108.)

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