My complaint is about my credit card with Noor Bank. This is the second time they have charged me with an over limit fee.

My statement is generated on the 10th of every month. Today, when I received my statement by email, it showed that I had a balance of Dh463 available limit on my card. So I was surprised to see that they charged me an over limit fee of Dh250 as of December 10, 2017.

How could they charge me an over limit fee, even though I have available balance on my card?

I have other bank cards too, and have been using those since more than 12 years, but have never encountered such an issue.

They had done this on my other card as well, for which, I had complained, but they said it’s subject to approval and would take four to five working days. When I followed up, they said my request was not approved so I would have to pay.

I have already complained to them but they gave me the same reply — that they would take it as a complaint and get back to me in four to five working days. However, nothing has happened.

From Mr Mohammad Inamdar


The management of Noor Bank responds:

Noor Bank is committed to finding an amicable and fair solution towards any customer complaints. We are always transparent with our customers. This starts with acknowledging the problem raised by the concerned individual and working towards a swift resolution.

Soon after we received Mr Inamdar’s complaint from Gulf News, our Customer Experience Unit investigated the matter.

After we concluded the investigation into his complaint about credit card over limit fee charges of Dh250, Noor Bank contacted Mr Inamdar.

Our customer experience department tried to contact him to inform the Dh250 over limit fee charge has been reversed; however he has not responded to our calls.

Noor Bank wishes to assure all customers of our best service and prompt response to any complaints and grievances they may have.

Mr Inamdar responds:

I thank Gulf News for its intervention with regard to my issue with the over limit fee. Yes, I received a call as confirmation that the charges had been reversed. Earlier, I had received a call from them that they had approved the same. Thank you, for getting my case resolved.

(Process initiation: December 20. Response from organisation: December 24. Reader confirmation: December 24.)

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