Single mother having fun at home with her baby daughter. Image Credit: Getty Images

My ‘Amma’ or mother, is not very educated, having been brought up in rural India where in those days, sons were given the best of education and were prioritised over daughters. Girls were asked to drop out of school early with the pretext that they didn’t need education as they would eventually play the role of a nurturer and homemaker.

However, she was the home minister of the household and finance minister managing the budget with my father being the only bread earner. There were four children to be looked after. She was the minister of happiness as well, and till date, she has given us a good upbringing.

While growing up I was very close to my father since I was the only girl and had three brothers. I always thought I was more like him because of my oratory skills and fiery attitude. I still carry his legacy but as I went on with my career, I realised that I had inherited some qualities of my mother.

My mother insisted that I got the best education and I’m very proud to say that I was one of the first girls in my family to venture into a career. After me, other girls followed suit. While growing up, amma pestered me to study hard and I realised I was living her dream.

Post an early marriage and three kids my mother got on my back yet again. She asked me to complete my Master of Business Administration (MBA) so that I could have a professional degree added to my masters. When I asked her why I should continue studying, despite having a job, she told me that there was no end to learning, and I hold this close to my heart till today.

My mother continues to be my teacher, my stress buster, and my guide. To all the mothers out there, I want to thank you for being there for your children and for guiding us through the darkness.

- The reader is a sales and marketing manager based in Dubai.