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Image Credit: Pixabay

Social media users largely agreed that legal processes must be followed in any case. However, they also emphasised on the importance of the government making the judicial processes fast.

Here's what some Facebook users said:

Mahboob Alam: Legal process will take ages, plus if you poor then nothing will happen.

Jagannath Wagle: In India especially, immediate justice is required as criminals have lot of way out from law and cases takes decades

Mahammad Irshad: As the popular saying - ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’. And justice hurried is justice buried. Justice should be through legal process in minimum time limit.

Lamiya Siraj: I believe in justice. And nowadays the chaos happening in the world like shooting the innocent at pious places, rapes and the cases goes for years long and still decision pending in country like India, I feel justice should be on immediate basis. Once found guilty should be punished right there. This is how people will start to believe in judgement and justice and get scared to so any sort of crime! We as general public should come in front with unity. One might not be able to do any difference but standing strong, many hands can definitely change the world and make it a better place to live in.