Bottled water kept on the pavement for long hours. Image Credit: Mohammad Zeeshan/Gulf News reader

Recently, I came across a shocked sight as I saw some bottled waters kept on pavement under sunlight, and which might be exposed to the sun for many hours.

I have seen how irresponsible the companies providing drinking water behave when it comes to storing bottled water that is consumed by people daily.

The bottles are left under the sun for hours, and at times, near a trash bin (as seen in the photographs).

Also, the companies use convertible vehicles to deliver these boiling hot bottles at home or office. In both ways, people who consume water in these bottles, which could risk their health.

I urge the companies that provide drinking water, to understand the health risks people could face after delivering water that is being exposed to sunlight or kept near a dustbin.

These companies can arrange for a shaded area, under which they can store the bottles, and use a proper way of distributing these bottles. The authorities should take serious concern about this matter.


The reader is a business development manager based in Dubai. 

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