This letter is intended to seek help from Gulf News to help resolve my Etisalat elife billing issue, which I have been facing for nearly four months. I was using Etisalat Al Shamil Internet connection - 512KBps speed – at a monthly rental of Dh189 per month until October 2012. In mid October, I got more than five calls from Etisalat elife department regarding their free Al Shamil to elife free upgrade offer. They offered it to me for the same monthly rent, a 1 Mbps internet connection and one free landline connection. I called back to the department several times to make sure that what they offered me was true. The first bill that I received in November was for a few days and I could not find how much they had charged me monthly. When I received the November bill in December first week, I saw that the monthly bill had increased to Dh259, which is a total breach of their offer wherein I needed to pay only Dh189 per month. I contacted Etisalat customer care, and logged my complaint regarding this billing issue. Since then, Etisalat has not been able to resolve this issue. I have been calling their call center number very often, meanwhile I have visited their customer care centers in Al Twar and Deira. But they couldn’t get me a resolution as the issue is still being investigated. Now my bill has increased.

I have asked them to cancel my elife connection and give back my old Al Shamil connection, but they said this is not possible. I feel like I have been cheated by Etisalat as they didn’t keep to their word. I also feel as per our correspondence so far that this issue is going to take a really long time to resolve. Therefore, I request Gulf News to please help follow up this Etisalat billing issue and resolve this issue. I would like to thank Gulf News in advance and look forward to the outcome.

From Mr Sarin Soman


The management at Etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer complaint was solved and he confirmed and satisfied about our service.

Mr Sarin Soman responds:

Thank you Gulf News. Etisalat called and informed me about the reversal of extra billing charges. I would like to thank Etisalat for their gesture.

I am also grateful to Gulf News for taking up this issue with Etisalat and safeguarding my interests. This would have been impossible without the newspaper’s help. This is one of the best community services that Gulf News is doing for many of its readers who really are in need of it.

Editor’s Note: If you have a similar unresolved consumer complaint, please raise it with us at and we might be able to help you seek a resolution.