Sunday Image Credit: Supplied

Elmas Thomas recently moved to a new house in Dubai and just two weeks in, she lost her beloved dog named Sunday on February 21. Now she is asking people if they have seen it around Dubai or have any information on his whereabouts.

“We moved into a new house in Dubai Hills Estate and just two weeks in, Sunday ran away,” the interior designer said.

Sunday went missing on Friday, February 21 at around 1pm.

She explained that eight-year-old Sunday wiggled his way out of the gate of Thomas’ back garden.

“Just a few minutes later I realised that Sunday was missing and despite searching everywhere in the area, he was nowhere to be found,” she said.

Thomas adopted Sunday in London. “A neighbour was giving away puppies her dogs had I took the smallest, most fragile one,” she said.

Through the eight years of having him, Sunday has travelled and lived with Thomas everywhere she has gone. “We started out in London, then Belgium and now Dubai,” she said.

Sunday is a Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix.

Thomas said that Sunday responds to his name and whistling and anyone looking for him can call him out that way.

Sunday is a very shy and fragile dog who “does not know his surroundings and is completely lost” according to Thomas.

The distressed dog owner would highly appreciate any leads on where Sunday is. If you have any information on Sunday’s location, please contact