I live in Wasl Ivory Building, near Karama Post Office, for the past 18 months. Suddenly since May 21, 2016, I stopped getting network and call started to drop on my etisalat mobile number and on my family etisalat mobile number.

This problem is also faced by our guest; it is not restricted to my family members’ mobile numbers.

I lodged a complaint to etisalat on the same day. I received many calls from etisalat representative that they are looking into the same and the problem will be solved soon. However, till date, the problem still persists.

I hope to reach etisalat through your column to solve my problem.

From Mr Manohar Rao


Mr Rao updates: I wish to inform you that etisalat staff visited my home on July 27 and installed the network booster, and thus the issues like call drop and low signal strength are resolved. Thank you for all the assistance.

The management of etisalat responds: Thank you for bringing Mr Rao’s concerns to our attention. Etisalat Customer care team would want to apologise for the network issues faced by Mr Rao at his residence. In this particular case, the building owner requested etisalat to remove the network tower from the building premises. The new network tower required legal approvals and a new location. In addition to this, customer was unreachable for some time as he was travelling. The issue is now resolved and the case is closed.

(Process initiation: July 13. Reader updates: July 28. Response from organisation: August 7.)

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