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I have been using my First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) card. But abruptly, the bank blocked my card and said I would have to settle the full amount, as my company had some issues. As I couldn’t pay the full amount at the time, I am paying the minimum due amount and settling the card. Currently, the card is blocked.

Now, the Bank is charging an annual fee for my blocked card, amounting to Dh500, as I have not used this card for the past year and am settling old dues. The Bank is not accepting my request, so Gulf News, kindly help me.

From Mr Abdul Ravoof Bandad Mohammad


The management of FAB responds:

FAB supports the growth ambitions of its stakeholders and goes beyond financial products and services, and as such, we are grateful for all customer feedback as we strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of service. The bank has been in contact with Mr Mohammad, and the matter has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

(Process initiation: July 31. Response from organisation: September 5.)

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