Disproportionate representation?

I was shocked first to see news about Pakistan being muddled with the rest of Asia, then to finding out that there was absolutely no news on Pakistan in your page (Asia/Pakistan section, Gulf News, January 20). I do not see appropriate representation in your newspaper and would like to know the reason for that.

From Mr Soofi Hasan


Pakistan news missing?

I have been subscribing to Gulf News for close to 15 years and have enjoyed reading it over these years; however, in 2019, Gulf News has removed the Pakistan specific news pages. The Pakistani community is one of the largest communities in the UAE, and I am not sure if it was a very wise decision to remove this news from your pages.

From Mr Zafar Ghaffar


Thank you for writing in to express your views. We are glad that you enjoy reading Gulf News. Over the years we have had concerns from other readers that their countries, specifically in Asia, do not get adequate representation in the paper. Hence, the decision to include news from Asia, too ,on the Pakistan page. This does not mean that news from Pakistan will not find a place in the paper. We understand the importance of the Pakistani community and will continue to cover news from the country.

Gulf News

Where are global market rates and currencies?

I am not happy with the current changes in the formatting and content of the Gulf News, particularly the Business section wherein the snapshots and summary of global markets and currencies are missing.

From Ms Samagata Chakravorty


Thank you for your feedback. While Gulf News has traditionally carried international currency, commodity and markets data on its business pages, we believe this data’s now ubiquitous presence online has made it redundant for us to continue to carry it in the print edition. However, you can still find Dubai Financial Market listings and UAE gold prices on www.gulfnews.com. And, we promise to keep your feedback in mind for future development.

Gulf News

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