Haifa Besseiso, content creator and YouTube star Image Credit: Vatika

This Ramadan, Vatika announces its latest campaign in collaboration with content creator and YouTube star, Haifa Besseiso — ‘Fly with Haifa’, to empower women and help them achieve their greatest dreams.

Ramadan is about helping those in need, doing good deeds and bringing family and friends together. Vatika is capturing the essence of Ramadan with a campaign that champions women, encouraging them to discover their inner beauty and unlock their true potential.

This Ramadan, Vatika is in search of six ambitious women to nourish their minds, bodies and dreams. Vatika has been successful in harnessing the power of nature to achieve results, and it is now tapping into the natural inner strength of the progressive woman and providing a platform that will give them the opportunity to shine.

Together, Vatika and Haifa Besseiso will embark on a journey with six women who are determined to be the best version of themselves, providing the support and encouragement they need to help them realise their dreams, overcome their mental struggles or even transform their physical self. The campaign will fall into three categories: mind, body and dream.

For the mind, two winners will receive ten sessions with therapist, Engy Michel, who will give inspirational guidance classes to enhance their way of thinking and living. For the body, two winners will receive ten sessions with personal trainer, Yasmine Hassan, who will help with any physical challenges they are facing, along with nutritional advice. Lastly, for the dream, Vatika will be investing Dh10,000 to help two winners achieve their dream, whether that is a business idea, life goal or personal ambition, Vatika will help to make it happen!

Vatika’s dedication to women is an ongoing mission to empower and encourage them to believe in their natural self. Let Vatika know about your aspirations and ambitions, and tell them how you would want them to help you achieve those dreams to enhance your natural best. Visit @vatika.arabia to nominate yourself or an ambitious woman in your life and six lucky winners will be announced before Eid Al Fitr.