Al Jazira
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Share some details on Al Jazira’s range of eggs currently available in UAE supermarkets.

Al Jazira Poultry Farm has a vast selection of eggs available on supermarket shelves as well as online. This includes everything from regular eggs in various sizes — small, medium, large, extra large and jumbo — to enriched eggs such as Super eggs, enriched with folate, organic selenium, DHA, lutein, vitamin E and other nutrients; DHA Omega 3 eggs; Lutein eggs; Organic free-range; Omega 3; and eggs from hens fed with organic feed.

What is the USP of your ranges?

Al Jazira was the first eggs producer in the region to launch Omega 3 and DHA-enriched eggs 18 years ago. Since then we have added several other enriched eggs such as Lutein eggs and the Super range, which are enriched with folic acid and other essential nutrients.

The USP of the brand lies in its variety, guaranteeing to supply the freshest eggs anywhere in the UAE at short notice. We also deliver any quantity directly to customers’ residences without any minimum purchase condition or service charges.

Consumer behaviour has undergone a massive transformation in the past one-and-a-half years since the outbreak of the pandemic. How have you catered to the changing consumption patterns of UAE residents?

We believe that the only constant is change; hence, we have always been proactive in embracing the latest innovations, trends and practices. Thankfully, we launched our home delivery platform a year before the pandemic hit. We were equipped with a fully functional e-commerce website and an app for our consumers to order directly from us. We offer home delivery of eggs that are not older than a day. We have wholeheartedly embraced the new normal and have been able to ensure that our consumers continue to enjoy our products despite the pandemic-triggered changes in their shopping preferences.

Could you tell us a bit about Al Jazira Poultry and its production facility?

Al Jazira Poultry Farm was established in 1999. Today, we are one of the largest egg producers in the UAE.

Known to be the pioneers in innovative and progressive egg production, we have introduced DHA Omega 3, Organic and Super eggs.

Food safety, product quality and excellence in customer service are of paramount importance to us. Eggs are produced in safe and strictly monitored hygienic conditions, ensuring the highest levels of biosecurity within our farms. We nurture our hens with great care providing them with a stress-free environment and a 100 per cent vegetarian diet. The high-quality feed produced within our farms is nutritionally fortified. We are striving to further consolidate our position as an industry leader in progressive farming.