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Horoscopes: August 18, 2013

Astrologer Shelly von Strunckel reveals what’s in the stars for you today

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Aries (March 20 – April 18)

Sudden and unsettling as recent developments were, looking back on them you’re delighted things turned out the way they did. Bear this in mind now, as yet more equally sudden events shake things up. And, again, the results will more than justify the temporary chaos you must endure while events unfold.

Taurus (April 19 – May 19)

Tempting as it is to say a firm no to those who insist you explore new ideas with them, you’d regret it. The problem isn’t what’s they’re suggesting but, rather, your fear they’ll force you to move more swiftly than you want to. Once you begin, however, you’ll realise it’s the only way to go.

Gemini (May 20 – June 20)

The unsettling feelings triggered by the Full Moon, in a few days’ time, may not be comfortable. But they’re a reminder how important it is that you keep in touch with certain rather tricky individuals. The more often you check in with them, the less you’ll worry about what they’re saying or doing.

Cancer June (21 – July 21)

You find sudden changes exciting, as long as they don’t threaten your security or destabilise your life. The events triggered by Jupiter’s clash with the planet of innovation, Uranus, in a few days’ time, may be unsettling. But once you learn more, you’ll realise they’re a breakthrough, if in an unexpected form.

Leo July (22 – August 21)

Everybody experiences a certain amount of anxiety just before the emotionally intense Full Moon. Although the next one doesn’t take place for some days’ time, you’re increasingly concerned about certain matters that, only recently, didn’t worry you at all. However, because it accents close relationships, you’ll already be aware of tensions with others.

Virgo August (22 – September 21)

High standards aren’t just important to you, they come naturally. That is to say, you expect a great deal of yourself, and often without realising it. The sudden changes in circumstances you’re dealing with could prevent you from carrying out your plans. Rather than feel guilty, explain the situation to others. They’ll understand.

Libra September (22 – October 22)

Sometimes progress is about exactly that, achieving what you have in mind. Now, however, progress means leaving behind certain familiar elements of your life. This may seem a very real setback. However, the more swiftly you say farewell to these alliances or arrangements, the faster you’ll achieve a completely unanticipated happiness.

Scorpio October (23 – November 21)

Sooner or later you’ll have to work out issues with somebody close, at work or in your personal life. Initially these seemed unimportant, so you said nothing. However, with every passing day your irritation is growing, as is theirs. The sooner you address these matters, the easier it will be to settle any conflicts.

Sagittarius November (22 – December 20)

By no means are you narrow-minded. Yet you refuse to go to certain places and refuse to pursue certain ideas, mostly based on past experience. However, with the coming Full Moon accenting such matters, you’re about to recognise how much that attitude is holding you back, from both life’s achievements and its joys.

Capricorn December (21 – January 18)

The time has come to rethink certain elements of your practical or financial life. While these matters have been on your mind for ages, nothing has seemed urgent, so you’ve done nothing. Within days, however, events will force you to put both the ideas you’ve been considering and new ones into action.

Aquarius January (19 – February 17)

However busy your schedule is, ensure you set aside time for personal reflection. The Aquarius Full Moon, the second of two, which is rare, takes place in a few days’ time. This rouses powerful feelings, which are worth noting and, equally, gives you a chance to discuss these with those you trust.

Pisces February (18 – March 19)

Despite the fact many Pisceans assume a powerful role in life, they’re often modest about their own needs. Now, however, it’s essential that you acknowledge you’ve certain requirements. These are crucial, yet you’ve been unable to organise anything. Others are eager to help, but you must let them know what you need.