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Horoscope: June 15, 2017

Astrologer Shelly von Strunckel reveals what’s in the stars for you today

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As a Gemini, you avoid restrictive arrangements or relationships in which you feel trapped. Yet with the Sun challenging Saturn, which accents focus and structure, in your birthday chart, life is about establishing order of exactly that nature. This may involve setting a goal that requires focus, or anything from your health, to pursuing an achievement at work or even an academic degree. Whatever its nature, the discipline required will prove unexpectedly rewarding, now and in the future.

Aries March 20 – April 18

Recently everything seemed organised. Yet you’re now facing an obstacle. Or so it seems. Actually, this is about the Sun’s clash with sensible Saturn, which involves careful analysis and assessing who and what is trustworthy. If this seems dull, consider those times in the past when you wish you’d been as cautious.

Taurus April 19 – May 19

Talking over ideas is one thing. But getting everybody together when both the mood and circumstance are right won’t be easy, at least now. If you must discuss these matters, keep things brief and to the point, knowing you can go into details when others are feeling more aggreegable.

Gemini May 20 – June 20

Judging by this changeable week’s tricky planetary activity, while those who’re being dishonest could get away with a lot, honesty won’t always be recognised for what it is. Distressing as that sounds, this won’t last long. The trick, of course, is to view everything as questionable, at least until next week.

Cancer June 21 – July 21

Somebody has a talent for using criticism to manipulate others. You’ve fallen for it in the past and could again. The individual in question subtly changes their technique, which means you won’t spot their manoeuvres until you’ve said yes. Should that happen, back out, and without an excuse or an apology.

Leo July 22 – August 21

As a fire sign, you not only rather enjoy a lively debate with others, if the individual in question is well informed about something of interest, you can learn a lot. Now, however, most of those you’re facing are feeling irritable, so have nothing to offer. Diplomatically avoid discussions of any variety.

Virgo August 22 – September 21

Being a cautious, thorough Virgo, when you organise something, you do so with the intention of things going smoothly. You sometimes forget that not everybody cares about this and that, in fact, many give little thought to such matters. However, that explains their need to make constant changes in even simple plans.

Libra September 22 – October 22

Only recently you made several compromises, prompted primarily by the requests of others. They explained their position, and charmingly appealed to your good nature. You explained this would inconvenience you but, despite that, agreed. Now that you have, they’re back to normal, which is to say, thoughtless, if not rude.

Scorpio October 23 – November 21

Admitting you’re wrong isn’t a problem. If you are. However, because you were born under perhaps the most painstaking sign of the zodiac, that’s rarely the case. This hasn’t prevented one particular individual from accusing you of errors, and with alarming frequency. Say nothing. They’ll soon lose interest and focus on somebody else.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 20

As much as you enjoy a lively exchange of ideas, those who turn discussions into tales of woe or, even worse, ask about your problems, then play the role of therapist, are incredibly annoying. The most challenging part is escaping. Hints won’t work. You may simply have to politely, but firmly, end the conversation.

Capricorn December 21 – January 18

Long ago you learnt that, often those who you’ve trusted to get something done have a different approach from yours. Not only is their pace slower, they’re far less determined to see results. Tempting as it is to ask what their problem is, there isn’t one. They’re simply less driven than you are.

Aquarius January 19 – February 17

For ages you’ve kept worries about longstanding difficulties to yourself, mostly because you dreaded the dramas that tackling these could lead to. But now the situation is bad enough you’re willing to take a chance. Ironically, you’ll soon discover that there was no reason for concern of any kind.

Pisces February 18 – March 19

This isn’t the first time you’ve faced last minute changes in plans. However, it may be one of the most inconvenient, especially in terms of already tense relations with others. Tempting as it is to put off suggesting those changes, they’re not only a good idea, they’ll be far better received than you anticipate.