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The Beauty Beat: Four goals for 2018

Everyday girl’s guide to make-up and skincare in the UAE

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  • Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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  • Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What’s the difference between a goal and a resolution? I’m not entirely sure, but I like the solidity of the word ‘goal’, and that might help me achieve these four things this year:

Tackle pigmentation

There are people who resist picking at their acne aka mythical creatures. And there are people like me, who pick at acne with a diligence and single-mindedness that can be pretty shocking. This means I have a lot of scars that I would like to get rid of. I’m not the type to pile on the foundation to cover them up, so my only route is to channel that diligence into my skincare. I’m currently using the Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM 400, which is an acid toner aimed at pigmentation. I’m also considering trying out targeted treatments such as retinoids, which is a vitamin A derivative that speeds up cell turnover, and azelaic acid, which helps brighten and even out skin texture.

One empty-one newbie

First came the growing popularity of minimalism. Then there was the one empty-one newbie trend in the beauty community. Now, we have the newly introduced VAT in the UAE. I think these are all signs that I need to buy fewer things and be happy with the abundance of make-up and skincare I own. The one empty-one-newbie trend is pretty straightforward — only buy a product when a corresponding one runs out. I’m going to be as strict as possible with my purchasing this year, and I’ll hopefully use things up (like my 20 pinky-nude lipsticks) and find new joy in spending money only when I need to.

Take better care of my hair

My skincare routine involves four or more highly specialised products, while my haircare routine currently involves a shampoo and conditioner I bought on discount that I don’t even like. Even though I treat my hair like an afterthought, I do think it’s one of my favourite features and this year is going to be about bringing it back to its earlier health. A majority of my efforts will target the inside — specifically in the form of blackstrap molasses, which is a tip I got from a super knowledgably Dubai Instagrammer @uaebeautyeditor, who goes by Sabeen. The dark, thick and funky tasting syrup is full of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese, which are all supposed to help with hair growth. Yes, all those things can be derived from a healthy diet, but I haven’t had a healthy diet since I moved out of my family home five years ago. Mix one tablespoon of molasses with half a glass of warm water and a squeeze of lime. Drink quickly, because this stuff does not taste pretty.

Eat more vegetables

This is a no-brainer, both for health and vanity reasons. I personally don’t eat enough vegetables, and avoid leafy greens like the plague. The funny part is that I used to love veggies as a child, but being a grown-up in charge of your own food choices can sometimes spell disaster. All is not lost, and 2018 will be the year I relearn how to eat vegetables with the same enthusiasm as Women Laughing Alone With Salad and hopefully reap the rewards in the form of better skin and hair.