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Ten ways to fake it until you make it

Charlotte Van der Haer Richardson International fashion designer and image consultant, shares her list

Charlotte Van der Haer
Image Credit: Supplied picture
Charlotte Van der Haer Richardson International fashion designer and image consultant.

1. Can’t afford this season’s new Dh14,000 Chanel bag? Get smart like Sarah Jessica
Parker and rent yours from

2. So what if you didn’t go to an Ivy League university. Grab The Little Book of Big Words and impress everyone with your vocabulary.

3. When travelling, dress well, tuck a copy of the Financial Times under your arm and blag yourself an upgrade to first class.

4. Rocking Jackie O sunglasses, grasp a Starbucks Skinny Chai Frappuccino and strut like you have a destination. Complete the look with your own version of Victoria Beckham’s scowling pout.

5. Always appear busier than you are. Delay responding to an invite, insist you need to check your calendar, then pull out your iPad Mini and iPhone 5 and complain about how your personal assistant still hasn’t synced your diaries.

6. Start a blog and get media passes to all the hottest events in town. Perks are goody bags, of course, and who needs dinner when there are plenty of hors d’oeuvres to be sampled!

7. Trying to stand out from your colleagues? Put on a sharp suit. Notice how your confidence surges and soon you’ll be thinking
and looking like a winner in front of the boss.

8. Feeling down because your wallet lacks that padding needed for the deposit on a red Ferrari? Get down to your local dealership and test-drive your dream car for the day.

9. What’s your reason for still being curled up in bed at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon? You don’t need one – why should supermodel Linda Evangelista be the only one who doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day?

10. Start the day with your very own theme song to enhance your mood and boost
your confidence. Mine is Supermodel from the 1995 movie Clueless.



What is your Take 10?

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