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Ten reasons why Valentine's day is overrated

As an antidote to all the love in the air, her are ten reasons why Valentine’s Day is overrated


1. Why say ‘I love you’ on one day only? Think you’re off the hook for the next 12 months if you remember to show you care today? I think not…

2. Restaurants are overbooked and even your favourite romantic spot seems to have lost its sparkle as everyone tries too hard to ‘create a moment’.

3. Why is the same meal in the same restaurant twice the price it was last month because it’s called the ‘Romantic Package’?

4. If you manage to book a table for dinner, you can’t get a babysitter as everyone else is out.

5. Just when you’re congratulating yourself on how well you’ve been doing on your ‘new year, new you’ health kick, your other half presents you with a huge box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Cheers.

6. Let’s face it, most Valentine’s chocolate is waxy. But you’ve eaten the calories anyway.

7. How many stuffed bears have you accumulated from past loves over the years? Do you really need another?

8. Red all around. Red is for hot rage, not love. Could the ad gurus and marketing geniuses please come up with a new colour palette?

9. So many candlelit dinners across the globe. We could be contributing to global warming. How romantic is that?

10. If you’re single and you go out on Valentine’s Day people either look at you with pity or assume you’re looking for a date. As if!


What’s your Take 10?