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Ten reasons to write Take 10

Maniza Jalal, a Grade 11 at Delhi Private School in Dubai tells us why it's good to pen Take 10

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Maniza Jalal.

1. Imagine if a stranger was to stop you and say, “Hey, I saw your article in Friday!” That’s instant fame, isn’t it?

2. Take baby steps into the rarified world of byline owners. Oh, the things it does to your self-esteem!

3. You might be putting your thoughts out there but you could be putting a smile on someone’s face as well. That’s making a difference.

4. There’s therapy in expression. Serious or quirky, by putting it all down in words, one can easily lose all that excess baggage.

5. A leap forward on the popularity charts. Whether it’s friends or family, you’ll instantly have earned the sobriquet, “The person who wrote a take 10.” How cool is that?

6. Respect, validation all the way. No more suspicious stares from significant others when they spot you with your computer. 

7. By writing and rewriting as fast as you think, you will not just do wonders for your typing skills but give your fingers some exercise too. Don’t forget, it’s a great way to impress those significant others as well.

8. No holds barred. Whether it’s the topic or your take on the topic, take 10 frees your mind... and I believe the rest will follow. You know what I mean.

9. Soon you’ll be a source of inspiration to several of your significant others. But they’ll always be the herd to you, the shepherd.

10. Who knows, writing take 10s could be your calling. That’s a career waiting to  be explored.


What’s your Take 10?