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2013: Your year ahead

Shelley Von Strunckel predicts what’s in store for your star sign over the next 12 months

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CAPRICORN (Dec 21 – Jan 18)

ARIES (Mar 20 – Apr 18)
This year’s theme for you could be summed up as ‘redefining yourself in action’. As somebody ruled by the planet of ego, Mars, it’s important that you be true to yourself. This is why those born under the sign of Aries are often tested in situations that require exactly that – that you do what you want to do, as opposed to following the instructions of others. This seems straightforward, but there have been many times in the past and there will be occasions this year when you need to pause and consider whether what you’re doing is what you truly want to do.

During 2013 you’ll redefine elements of your nature. It could be that certain activities no longer interest you, but the odds are good that you’ll come across certain activities and even alliances or acquaintances that lift your spirits. Today on January 4, your ruler, Mars, forms a stunning and rather rare aspect to Jupiter, the planet that’s all about growth and development. This means that you’ll sense that can try new things. And then in February, Mars meets the planet of inspiration, Neptune, and on February 4, you’ll feel a sense of guidance, and you’ll be able to rely on your intuition.

During March and April you’ll be challenged to think differently and, indeed, to be true to yourself. On March 12 your ruler, Mars, moves  into your sign and remains there until April 20. Perhaps the most important date in this cycle is March 22 when Mars meets the planet of innovation, Uranus, in your sign, indicating the potential for sharp changes.

This can also mean that you run into individuals, perhaps those who you already know, or you meet somebody new who will change your thinking – ande possibly, your life. This is followed by the Aries New Moon, on April 10, an indication of something exciting. By mid-year you’ll be rethinking what you’re doing and by that time teamwork becomes a focus at home and at work. With your ruler, Mars, forming brilliant aspects during the last ten days of July, opportunities will come out of the blue.

By the time the final quarter of the year comes, you’ll already have experienced so many changes, that you’ll begin to understand why the year’s theme, ‘redefinition in action’, is appropriate. You won’t be the person you were when the year began, and so you’ll be ready for the new ideas, the breakthroughs and for situations that require that you give in. This may sound like it’s contrary to being true to yourself but, in some cases, when you give in you’ll discover something better.

Pay attention to the powerful and potentially life-changing Aries eclipsed Full Moon, on October 18. You’ll feel both emotional and vulnerable, yet you’ll also have a new vision for life, a vision that will emerge during the final couple of months of the year. You’ll find that change beyond anything you could have imagined possible will have taken place. You’ll be thinking differently, living differently and linking up with others differently and, as the year comes to a close, you’ll recognise just how much you’ve accomplished.

Love and relationships: During the year’s first six months, you take the lead and others are happy to follow. But by July, things begin to change, until by the Aries eclipsed Full Moon  on October 18, what seemed simple issues require discussion that’s as challenging as it is rewarding.

Finances and work: For too long you’ve carried more than your share of the burden, at home, with offspring or loved ones or at work. With practical Saturn accenting such matters you’re  soon discussing the situation frankly. It takes effort, but you organise an arrangement everybody regards as fair.

Health and well being: You’re juggling several demanding plans. But some take longer than anticipated. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t stop until everything’s settled. Do that, and you’ll end up exhausted. Taking frequent breaks both refreshes you and boosts your spirits. It might also  result in inspiring new ideas.

TAURUS (Apr 19 - May 19)
As an earth sign and somebody who’s ruled by the gracious planet Venus, you like few things more than knowing your life is in order. Yet with the theme for the year of 2013 being ‘breakthroughs via the unexpected’, you could experience twists and turns that ordinarily you’d find worrying.
Once you understand that each of these will contribute something new and wonderful to your life, instead of finding them worrying or even resisting them, you’ll actually rather enjoy them.  As the month of January unfolds and your ruler, Venus, moves into your fellow earth sign of Capricorn, you’ll find that practical realities draw you into new ideas and pursuits.

Some may be uncomfortable and it may seem like you’re being cornered into things you don’t want to do. But by February 28, when Venus meets the planet of intuition, Neptune, you’ll have a sense that as disruptive as some events may have been, they’re also in your best interests. This theme continues over the next few months of the year, with what might be termed ‘jagged’ changes taking place, especially with Venus moving into the most strategic part of your chart on March 22, to remain there for about five weeks.

This indicates encounters that may jar you, but also open your world. This is good timing, because perhaps the most important day of this portion of the year takes place on May 10, when the eclipsed New Moon in your sign brings fresh perspective that accompanies the New Moon every year, but also more sudden events. Some events incorporate previous experiences and insights, some may be sudden changes, but each moves you forward into taking advantage of this year’s theme of breakthroughs.

The trick to dealing with this is to do something very out of character for you and say ‘yes’ first, before exploring the facts later. While this may not be your usual approach to change, this ensures that you dismiss nothing that could later be of benefit to you. That way, by mid-June, when Venus is at odds with Pluto and enforced changes arise, instead of battling them, you’ll recognise that they will undoubtedly lead to progress.

Once you’re in this mood, you’ll adopt an inquisitive approach to everything that arises – to those you meet and to the variety of developments that you once would have ignored or actively battled. By late September, when Venus moves into the partnership angle of your chart and challenges Mars, the planet of ego, rather than trying to persuade others to do things your way, you’ll find that you’re in a much more flexible frame of mind and quite enjoy this process – a process which is about learning what you can do.

You’ll also have the expansive planet of Jupiter on your side. Jupiter is the planet of growth and development, and in mid 2013, it moves into the part of your chart that accents your point of view or perspective. This too suggests that you’ll learn intriguing things. You might possibly even set out to learn in a particular setting. This may be because of work, it might be through travel or it might be that you simply decide to take some courses or perhaps even go back to school. Whatever the case, this is a period that’s about broadening your horizons in wonderful ways.

This means that by November 17, when the Full Moon in your sign brings yet more shifts that are enlightening and allow you to work closely with others, you’ll be settling into activities and arrangements that, when 2013 began, you would have battled or regarded as foreign or unwelcome. As you bring the year to a close, not only will you recognise it as having been an exciting and informative one, you’ll be grateful for what you encountered, for those you met, for what you learned and, most of all, for all those breakthroughs that you would have battled when the year began. You’ll recognise them as having brought excitement and new life to your world.

Love and relationships: Don’t mistake the tensions that accompany frequent shifts in existing arrangements and in the resulting plans as an indication things have gone wrong. They’re  natural. Just ensure you and others blow off steam regularly. Equally, ensure you set aside time to do nothing but enjoy life.

Finances and work: You benefit from the bountiful Jupiter accenting what you earn, own and acquire until mid-year. Take advantage of this by exploring every idea or offer. Don’t settle on one plan. Rather, be prepared to make changes as circumstances change, often for  the better.

Health and well being: Demands on the lives of those closest, in your family, close friends or at work, could take a toll. Your support’s vital but you need regular breaks. This restores your energy ensures you’ve able to look after your own interests, and have a little fun as well.

GEMINI (May 20 - Jun 20)
For you, 2013 divides into two parts. During the first half, the theme will be one that began in June 2012, when Jupiter moved into your sign, to remain there until June 26 this year. During this period, you’ll experience the unique growth, unexpected encounters and exciting offers that go with this planet.

It takes Jupiter 12 years to go around the zodiac, so the year it spends in your sign introduces a decade’s worth of opportunity and development. This means you won’t be able to take advantage of everything that arises until June 26, when Jupiter moves on to accent practical matters and you begin an important cycle – a cycle that’s about capitalising on what you have encountered, the people you have met and what you’ve learned During the first portion of the year, you’ll want to think about everything that you encounter and explore absolutely everything you can.

Ironically, as inquisitive as you are by nature, there are certain ideas that you can’t help but resist – perhaps because you think they won’t be of interest to you or you experienced something similar in the past and you assume it will be the same this time. You sometimes overanalyse things, gathering as much information as you can and talking with others about certain ideas or opportunities without actually getting involved. Do that, especially during the year’s first half, and you could actually ignore opportunities or ideas that would enrich your life.

You can overanalyse when actually during this year, it’s far more important to trust your intuition. As is usually the case, your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde three times during this year – from February 23 for about 22 days, from June 26 for the same period and in October 21. In every case, Mercury’s positioned in the intuitive water signs, which suggests that not only will you and the rest of the world deal with the confusion that’s typical of this cycle, but also that this confusion will encourage you to use your intuition.

The water signs – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio – in which Mercury will be retrograde, are all about what you sense and feel, not about facts and analysis. This makes senses and feelings strong themes for this year for you, especially when it comes to taking advantage of what you encounter and then turning those advantages into something lasting during the year’s second half. If there’s a question that arises or something to explore, the answer should always be ‘yes’, knowing that you’ll learn from what you explore and who you encounter.

The other thing to bear in mind, particularly during the first half of the year, is that there are certain situations in which you’ll need to let go and let others make the decisions. Often you’re happy to recognise those who can guide or lead you. Yet, because they’ll lead you into unfamiliar territory, you could be anxious or resist, and this is where the breakthroughs come in. Take a chance; it could lead to exciting encounters and developments.

During the second half of the year, Jupiter moves on to one of the most practical angles of your chart, and you’ll dwell on how you can benefit from past encounters. Jupiter remains there until mid 2014, and it’s all about exploration here, using your intuition and discovering the joys of the new and the unfamiliar. Explore as 2013 unfolds, and you will benefit from Jupiter’s influence, what you learn, those you encounter and the experiences you have will help you over the years to come.

Love and relationships: Every Gemini is a romantic at heart. Yet you’ve been so preoccupied with your own progress that it may seem to others you don’t care. Invest time in close relationships, personal and otherwise, and they’ll pay off, during 2013 and in the future as well.

Finances and work: Keeping track of your time, money and various obligations is always as challenge, but even more so when there’s so much going on. Tedious as such details seem, the tough Saturn will ensure you’re on top of things. This
is hard work but vital.

Health and well being: Whether it’s overdoing in the past or too many obligations now, you could easily experience burn out. The solution? Book regular holidays, and so far away you’ll actually stop. And book them with somebody who’ll ensure you actually take them.

CANCER (Jun 21 - Jul 21)
While the first half of this year may be full of twists and turns and, occasionally, seem unsettling, you’ll soon recognise that something better is coming. This ‘something better’ takes the form of events triggered by the move by Jupiter, the planet that’s all about growth and development, into your sign on June 26. During the first half of the year you’ll find that many of the arrangements you’ve been living with or, perhaps, even the goals you’ve been pursuing, seem to be changing.

This would seem like bad news were it not for the fact that many of these changes are clearing the ground for the wonderful events that will arrive with Jupiter’s move into your sign. Because Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the zodiac, it’s been well over a decade since it’s been in your sign and you’ve benefited from its expansive influence. The first half of the year will be about examining what you’re doing and your goals, examining who and what you put first in your life, and considering making changes.

With eclipses taking place, on April 25, May 10 and May 25, all accenting your point of view, your priorities and the structure of your life, the time has come to consider whether what you put first still merits that attention. Acknowledging that something isn’t as good as you hoped it would may be difficult. But it will also be a relief, simply because it will free you to turn your attention to other ideas and projects, which may be on the scene during the first half of the year, but probably won’t happen until after Jupiter moves into your sign. The trick is to explore everything that arises yet still keep things flexible.

As soon as Jupiter moves into cancer, the pace picks up with the New Moon in your sign taking place soon after, on July 8. During July’s final ten days, a series of powerful aspects indicate things falling into place suddenly. However, there’s another planetary presence in your sign during the month of July – Mars, the planet of ego and action. It remains in your sign for about five weeks and during that period you’ll find that you’re able to focus on what you need, what you want and what you must do in a way that’s unusual for you.

As a Cancer you often put others first. But during this year and, particularly, during this portion of the year, it’s vital that you put yourself first, even if it seems that you’re neglecting others. You won’t be because those around you – family, friends, loved ones and even colleagues – will benefit from what arises. As you move into August you’ll begin to sort out the opportunities that interest you from those that aren’t as worthwhile. During the last quarter of the year you’ll be patiently exploring what’s arisen.

You’ll be discovering what these ideas and offers hold for you. This will only be the beginning of this period of growth and opportunity. If you’ve any doubt about the potential of this period of growth, those doubts will be banished by the brilliant events, offers and activities promised by Jupiter’s superb aspect to Saturn in your fellow water sign of Scorpio, on December 13. Because Saturn is the most practical planet of them all, this will lead to solid arrangements that will hint at how this wonderful year will benefit you for the decade to come.

Love and relationships: During this remarkable cycle, teamwork is essential. Usually you’re giving others a hand but now you’ll need advice, support and, on occasion, somebody you trust to talk to. This isn’t because of problems but, rather, with the swift pace you could easily lose your perspective on things.

Finances and work: Because you won’t always be able to assess the long-term benefits of ideas, offers or ventures, you must be extremely mindful of how your use your time and money. If in doubt, seek the advice of those who are both wise and who you trust.

Health and well being: Exciting times can mean exhaustion. And, perhaps, overdoing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, pause, long enough to restore your equilibrium. Aim to achieve this balance as 2013 begins and it will serve you all year.

LEO (Jul 22 - Aug 21)
For you, Leo, 2013 promises to be a year of discovery, one that’s informative and groundbreaking. This is important for you because while, as a fire sign, you’re energetic and thrive on stimulating experiences, encounters and developments, you can also be a bit stubborn. In fact, you can get stuck in patterns that you don’t even realise are holding you back. As the year begins and the Full Moon is in your sign – the Leo Full Moon takes place on January 27 – you’re likely to feel the pressure of those restrictive situations.

Of course, being a Leo, you’ll turn this into a bit of a party and the aggravation you feel could be deflected by how you decide to handle it. Yet, over the coming months you’ll be aware that something needs to change, although you won’t necessarily know how to make those changes. But with the expansive Jupiter in the part of your chart that has to do with new ideas, new people and new experiences, events will be lending a hand. You’ll need to say ‘yes’ to getting involved with more things – even things you don’t know that much about – and this may be the most difficult part.

But if you do that during the first half of the year, what you’ve experienced, who you’ve met and what you’ve encountered will form the platform for the second half, which is about focussing on life’s joys and a period of expansion that will take place in 2014. That may seem a long way away right now but, as with many periods of growth, perhaps moving into a new home or beginning a new career, it’s worth taking time to consider what you’re doing and to learn as much as you can. With a powerful planetary emphasis on what you feel, you’ll realise how important it is to have time with special people this year.

You’ll find that if you allow yourself time to reflect, you’ll not only notice what you have in your life, you’ll also develop that intuitive side of your nature, which is so important for truly being able to savour what you have. By the time the New Moon is in your sign on August 6, you’ll be aware that it’s time to begin to explore in a way that might break patterns. The arrival of Mars, the planet of courage and ego, in your sign on August 28, for a stay of about six weeks, promises to break old patterns.

In fact, it’s as if you’re sent an invitation to let go of certain activities and to undertake new ones. While not all of these will be easy, you’ll recognise that you’re encountering something new and exciting. The reason these experiences are so important is that in the middle of next year, Jupiter, the planet of growth, actually moves into your sign for a year’s stay. The more of those familiar but restrictive habits and relationships you’ve acknowledged and have begun the process of altering during 2013, the better prepared you’ll be to take advantage of the influence of bountiful Jupiter.

Bear this in mind this year, and you’ll savour the joys that come to you with the emphasis on your feelings and your intuition. You’ll also pave the way for the exciting developments that begin to unfold now and over the course of the next year.

Love and relationships: Somebody touches your heart profoundly, perhaps in a way you’ve never before experienced. The resulting feelings are hugely rewarding yet unsettling. Allowing them to overtake you may be more difficult than you anticipated. But it also transforms your thinking and your life.

Finances and work: Life’s exciting and, therefore, distracting. Because of this you could easily neglect tedious practical or money matters. Keep on top of all such matters since somebody who’s aware your mind’s elsewhere could try to take advantage of the situation.

Health and well being: Balancing your usual formidable energy with the demands you’re experiencing takes effort. The key is to set aside time for yourself, regularly and often. This ensures that this exciting but potentially overwhelming cycle doesn’t slow you down.

VIRGO (Aug 22 – Sep 21)
This year promises to be a one of exploration and discovery, although as it begins, you might not be conscious of exactly what it is you’re supposed to be discovering or exploring. With Jupiter, the planet that’s all about new ideas and broadening your horizons, having moved into the crucial Midheaven angle of your chart in mid 2012 and remaining there until late June 2013, you’ll already have been hearing about and, perhaps, considering potential changes.

Because this portion of your chart accents the structure of your life and your activities out in the world, but also the balance between those activities and your daily existence – your life at home and family – you may have been exploring what you could do, but have been somewhat hesitant about making changes because of disruptions.  You may have wanted to nail facts down and be sure of what was going on. But judging by the movements of your ruler, Mercury, during the year, the issue won’t just be gathering facts – it will also be developing a comfort level with these changes.

That may sound a strange statement, because for you, as an earth sign, ensuring facts are correct is important. Yet with Mercury retrograde three times during 2013, and retrograde in the intuitive water signs every time – in February and March in Pisces, in June and July in Cancer and in October and early November in Scorpio – you’ll find that the minor errors this cycle kicks up have more to do with your feelings than with facts.  It may be that at one time you were disappointed by a particular situation or setting, so decided it wasn’t a good idea and have been avoiding that ever since.

Or it could be that there’s a pursuit that means a great deal to you, but you’re anxious because you’re afraid you won’t be able to act according to your usual high standards. Whatever the case, what you learn as a result of these periods will enable you to spot why you might not be pursuing something and, equally, give you the courage to give it a try. This is what the first half of the year is about. However, on June 26, Jupiter moves into the part of your chart that has to do with those new pursuits, so it would appear that you’ll undertake some of them by then.

This indicates changes in your work, lifestyle or goals – changes that aren’t just a single decision, but a process of development, during which you encounter new ideas and new people.  It would also appear that you’ll discover new passions – especially in the middle of the year, when fantastic planetary activity crossing the parts of your chart that have to do with who and what lift your spirits and make life worth living indicate that that’s exactly what you’ll be thinking about.

Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind is that, although you’ll consider your options and will undertake various changes – some minor and some of a more extensive nature – during the early portion of the year, you might not settle on any one right away. As a Virgo, you like to know what you’re doing, so if you’re going to make a change, you’ll generally investigate every option and then make decisions. But it would appear that during this year, those changes will be more gradual.

If you know that, you’ll be more easygoing, and that also means that, instead of having committed just to commit, you’ll be ready for the process of intense personal review that takes place from October 15, when the planet of ego and courage, Mars, moves into your sign, and remains there until December 7. It’s during this period that you’ll clarify the experiences you’ve had in terms of your goals, activities and, equally, in terms of those pursuits and alliances that mean so much to you.

This is the point at which you’ll not only set new goals, but you may decide to leave certain less-beneficial pursuits from the past behind you. You’ll also recognise that there are certain passions that you may not have allowed yourself to admit you care about, but that, with Mars in your sign, you will gain the courage to pursue.

It’s worth remembering that it takes Mars two years to go around the zodiac, so what you learn during the first two thirds of 2013 won’t just be about this year, but will be about the cycle that unfolds over the coming years. Bear that in mind, and you’ll not only enjoy this process of discovery, but you’ll recognise how much it’s contributing to your life in the here and now and in the future.

Love and relationships: Sometimes you learn more about others, and your feelings for them when you disagree. Bear this in mind and you’ll approach clashes with frankness and enthusiasm. Equally, trust your intuition, especially when conflicting facts create confusion.

Finances and work: While your own arrangements are solid, circumstances of some aren’t. Obviously you’ll advise or support them. In most situations others happily heed your suggestions. But be wary, as in a few, the individual in question will ignore your advice, then blame you for the bad results. Health and well being: Everybody needs a break from time to time. However, being ruled by the ideas planet, Mercury, it may be your mind that needs a rest. You could take a break. But even better would be pursing new studies or pursuits that are both demanding and stimulating.

LIBRA (Sep 22 - Oct 22)
If there’s one phrase that sums up what 2013 is about for you, it’s ‘the process of reassessment’. That may not sound particularly exciting, but when you realise what it means and the promise it holds, you’ll be delighted. This ‘reassessment’ is triggered by what you learned during the period from late 2009 until October 5, 2012, during which Saturn, the toughest planet, but also the greatest of the teachers, was in your sign. It takes Saturn nearly 30 years to go around the zodiac, so what you’ve learned during this period isn’t just of significance now, but could shape your next 30 years.

For this reason, the process of review, reassessment and planning that is taking place now and over the next couple of years will create a foundation for the shape of your life for years to come. The most important thing to keep in mind is that as a Libra, and someone whose orientation is very much about a balance between your own life and your closest relationships, there’s a tendency to put those relationships first. If you’re lacking a significant relationship, you also feel that once that part of your life is organised, everything else will be fine. During 2013, you, and you alone, must come first.

This is not to say you’ll be alone. On the contrary, most Libras manage to organise a life of extensive alliances and close relationships with colleagues and neighbours. But because you’ll assess what you’ve learned during the period while Saturn was in your sign, you’ll also think about what’s in your best interests. From last October until 2015, you’ll examine the practical side of your life – what you do that benefits you first and then others and what’s practical in financial terms, rather than others. This will be difficult in some cases, as you’ll find your mind automatically goes to those around you.

This is also a time of exploration. With the expansive Jupiter accenting exactly that – new ideas and experiences – until the middle of the year, you’ll find that what you experience and who you meet could enrich your life enormously. You may not recognise what is most important right away, which means it’s vital that you consider what you’re doing and consider the future as well. In late June, Jupiter moves into the portion of your chart that has to do with the structure of your life, and remains there for a year.

This is the point at which you begin to actually benefit from what you’ve learned during the past several years, making choices about things you could do differently. This process won’t always be an easy one, and there may be conflicts and power struggles with family, those who think they know better than you and, quite possibly, in partnership matters. This won’t lead to disasters as much as it will force you to think through your own true priorities.

You may think you know that, but you’ll be surprised at the degree to which your views are either based on past experience or the desire to remain close to a certain individual. This vitally important process of personal analysis will begin on December 7, when Mars, the planet of ego, moves into your sign for an unusually long stay, until July 26, 2014. During this period, you’ll make the major decisions that will shape your life for a very long time to come.

If you’re already in a partnership, you’ll work with others so that you can pursue certain activities that are important to you. If you’re seeking a partner, you may find that the changes you’ve made mean you need to reconsider who you’d like to be with and what sort of life you’d like to have. But most of all, during this period of rich personal reflection and growth, you’ll experiment. You’ll venture out into new territory, not only in terms of your actions, but in terms of your ideas and in terms of your alliances.

Knowing that this thrilling period is coming as this year comes to a close and the next year begins, regard 2013 as a year of self-discovery, and not only will you learn a great deal along the way, you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Love and relationships: Tempting as it is to ignore conflicts in the hope they’ll work themselves out, you’re better off tackling even seemingly impossible issues head on. The resulting discussions prove amazingly informative. Better yet, working out these brings you closer to others.

Finances and work: Over the year you’ll be reviewing what works for you and what doesn’t. This applies to money matters but as much to whether you actually enjoy what you do with your time, professionally or otherwise. What you learn leads to exciting new ideas.

Health and well being: When there’s so much going on, it’s easy to overdo. You can tire yourself out having fun, working on projects or, in certain situations, from investing too much time in unprofitable alliances. The best therapy is saying ‘no’ at the appropriate moments.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
When you look back on 2013, Scorpio, you’ll recognise it as having been a period that was hugely informative, that shaped your life and your thinking. During this year, however, you may be more aware of the forces that are taking you in new directions and, equally, the forces that are shaking things up. In a way, it could be said this cycle began in late 2009 when Saturn, the great planetary teacher, moved into the most vulnerable, reflective and strategic portion of your chart. Saturn remained there until October 5, 2012, when it moved into your sign.

During this period you will have been called on to reflect on certain elements of your life that didn’t work, to delve into any issues that you’re unfamiliar with or, perhaps, those matters you dislike facing. As a Scorpio you have a tremendous ability to deal with issues that others aren’t even willing to look at. But you have certain areas you avoid, mostly because you assume there’s nothing that can be done about them. As 2013 unfolds, you’ll find that it’s time to turn what you learned into action and make changes.

This is where it gets tricky, because while you’ll welcome some changes, and you may already have planned them, events take you in an entirely different direction. Bear in mind what you think is best, but be flexible enough to allow events to take you with them. This is especially the case in late April when the Scorpio eclipsed Full Moon takes place and, on November 3, when the Scorpio eclipsed New Moon shakes up your perception and relationships. This may sound worrying, but it could be the most important thing that you learn during 2013. Shake-ups can lead to excitement.

They’ll alter your habits, your thinking, the way you work, your daily routine and force you to rearrange obligations. While they may be disruptive, they’ll also open up your world in ways you wouldn’t have imagined possible. If you find yourself battling these shakeups, then pause to consider this might lead to a breakthrough. Equally, think of times in the past when a change has arisen and you regarded it as undesirable, if not disastrous, but were forced to give in only to discover that it was a huge benefit. You’ll recognise that while some things must be altered

Love and relationships: You could regard this year’s challenges as reason to worry when, in reality, they’re simply asking you to go deeper. Discussing such matters openly may not be easy. But what you gain makes it worthwhile.

Finances and work: Usually offers that seem too good to be true are exactly that. But with bountiful Jupiter accenting such matters during the year’s first half, you needn’t worry. With things changing, perfecting plans just wastes your time. Instead, experience will be your best teacher.

Health and well being: You tend to hold your breath when worried and, worse, sometimes can’t relax until everything is settled. Since you’re in the midst of ongoing transition, obviously these habits must change. Meditation and yoga would do wonders. Add frequent and proper breaks, and you’ll thrive.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 20)
While it’s easy to say that the year for you is divided into two parts, based on the position of your ruler, Jupiter – and that’s true – the year is also a period of breakthroughs. But it is as much about breakthroughs in your own perception, what you consider to be possible in your life, what interests you and who you connect with. As the year begins, Jupiter will remain in the part of your chart that has to do with close personal and professional relationships. The giant planet moved there last June and remains there until June 26, and during this period, your life will be enriched by existing personal and professional alliances and by those who offer you support.

But also you’ll discover that it’s important to be able to rely on others. As a Sagittarius, you think and move swiftly and, as is the case with other fire signs – like Aries and Leo – you can be quite self-sufficient. While this is usually a useful attribute and a virtue, it also means that sometimes you move so swiftly, you don’t pause to consider the advice or suggestions of others or, indeed, to get their support. However, during the first half of the year, that’s exactly what you’ll think about. This is particularly the case around the time of the powerful eclipsed Full Moon in your sign, the Sagittarius eclipse, on May 25.

This indicates changes in alliances, not necessarily negative changes, but probably breakthroughs. Whatever the case, between March and May, it’s likely that existing arrangements will change and, in some cases, fall apart. This may not sound like good news, but it’s about breakthroughs. By July, when Jupiter forms a series of brilliant links – including with the practical planet, Saturn, the planet of vision, Neptune, and then Mars, with all its energy – in one of the most practical parts of your chart, you’ll realise that every stage and every new experience adds something to your life and to your options.

This may seem unsettling, but each of these changes, and even abrupt developments, leads to a breakthrough that will benefit you. While you’re happy to experience such changes, when it comes to business and financial matters, it can be tricky, simply because it will be difficult to predict from one month to the next what you’ll be doing and how things will work. Factor in these changes, and you’ll recognise just how beneficial they are. It means keeping on your toes, but for you this actually can be rather exciting.

From June 26 onwards, your instincts are at a peak. Trust your intuition and pursue what you sense is right, rather than what seems practical, and you’ll find that not only do you benefit during this changeable yet rewarding year, what you learn from circumstances about others and, most of all, about yourself, will benefit you during this year and in many years to come. Also, recognise that this is a year of discovery, and when you encounter somebody or something wonderful, you’ll recognise that experience is contributing to your life now and will add to your life in the future.

Love and relationships: Few things irritate you more than ‘serious discussions’. Yet actually talking things over reveals why certain matters need to be resolved. This won’t just relieve the issues in question, you’ll understand their background, how to avoid them and why they so upset others.

Finances and work: Tough situations during the year’s first half raise important questions about what you’re getting for your time, ideas and skills. Equally, you concentrate on money matters as never before. While tedious initially, by midyear you realise what a valuable investment your efforts have been.

Health and well being: Those times when you’ve experimenting with overdoing, then compensated with conducted similar experiments in virtuous living are over, at least for now. You’ll be busy, so much you can’t take the risk you won’t be in top form when exciting developments come your way.

CAPRICORN (Dec 21 – Jan 18)
For you, 2013 promises to be extraordinarily inspiring – a year that’s full of new ideas, remarkable and often unexpected encounters, and circumstances that leave you transformed. That may sound exciting, but for you, as a Capricorn and somebody who is as happy to face challenges as to experience inspiring moments, you’re probably wondering what you should plan for. Of the 12 signs, you’re probably the strongest and most courageous in the face of opposition. When you know it’s coming, you’ll organise your life around those obstacles. To hear that the theme of the year is much more about inspiration may worry you simply because you’ll be anxious about unexpected developments.

While the presence of Mars will undoubtedly have led to exciting developments and inspired important plans, it could also mean that you based your decisions on what you believed to be true at the time. March to September will not only be very congenial, in many cases, events will simply fall into place without you having to do much. It will mean that some of what you planned may need to be sidelined or altered, simply because of the developments that arise.

It may require a very different approach to life and will require you to trust your instincts and, in some cases, trust others. But at the same time, it would be unwise, if not absolutely crazy, to avoid the opportunities that come your way. During the first half of the year, with Jupiter in the portion of your chart that has to do with your day-to-day routine, job and obligations to others, circumstances will rearrange things to make life easy for you. Then, with Jupiter moving into your opposite sign of Cancer in late June for a year, and to accent close relationships, you’ll find that suddenly others are in a position to help you.

Here, your only challenge will be undoing situations where you thought you’d have to make all of the effort and allowing others to help you. This may seem very odd as someone who is born under what is one of the most diligent signs of the zodiac. But actually, if you pay close attention to the events that take place in mid-January, when the New Moon in your sign begins this cycle, you’ll spot the promise of this year and you’ll accept near-miraculous ideas, offers or opportunities. If there’s any major challenge during 2013, it’s accepting the good news that comes your way.

This continues mid-year when, during the last half of July, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, brilliantly aspects your ruler, Saturn, and Neptune. Saturn will brilliantly aspect the intuitive Neptune, and here, the only challenge is allowing things to happen. With Mars, the planet of ego, at odds with Pluto, which is positioned in your sign on the 27th, you could either find that you’re uncomfortable with the brilliant things that come your way or that you need to rearrange your existing plans in order to take advantage of what arises.

If there’s any problem, this is one that everyone would like to have: trying to make amazing developments fit into your life. This is what you’ll be doing during 2013, and when, at the end of the year, Jupiter brilliantly aspects your ruler, Saturn, on December 13th you’ll finally have learned just how good life can be and how easy it is to embrace wonderful developments.

Love and relationships: With so much going on you could easily neglect those closest. But then, their lives are changing, too, which means when expansive Jupiter moves to accent all close alliances, in late June, it’s time to talk. Regard this as the investment in your future that it is.

Finances and Work: Obviously you’d rather be dealing with certainties, but this year they’re in short supply. Actually, instead of relying on your usual research, both practical matters and future plans are best based on instinct and impulse.

Health and well being: Everybody starts and stops health regimes. However, what you begin during the year’s first half won’t just benefit you, it’s likely to suit you for a very long time. And, better yet, you’ll feel that if you’re a new, younger and more energetic you.

AQUARIUS (Jan 19 – Feb 17)
As an Aquarius, you were born under the fairest sign of the zodiac. That means you have an innate sense of justice and you try to do what is fair for you and others, whether it’s a minor situation or something of a more serious nature. This characteristic is so natural to you that you rarely think about it. There will be situations during 2013 when you recognise that not everybody thinks the way you do. And you may need to put yourself first in a way that might otherwise seem unfair.

The trick to dealing with this is to recognise that, in certain situations, your views and your requirements are different – and that in some of those you may need to take a stand. In a way, you’ll already have been aware of this, simply because with your ruler, Uranus, having been at odds with Pluto – the planet of truth and power struggles – since June last year, you’ll have had to analyse changes – in the world around you, in your own circumstances and your own life – and decide what’s fair. In some cases, it will have been straightforward, but in others you’ll have had to pause, think about what you want and what you consider to be right, proper and fair.

This process will be your focus during the first month or two of the year. In fact, with Mars, which moved into your sign on December 26 to remain there until February 2, life is about exactly this variety of review. You’ll need to stop and think about minor situations and whether you agree with them and stand up to others, not necessarily in an argument, but simply by expressing your views. On February 10, the New Moon in your sign brings certain matters to a head, where again you’ll recognise that in some cases, what you once believed to be true no longer is, and what once was your priority, changes.

This process continues with Mars actually meeting Uranus on March 22, in the portion of your chart that has to do with your point of view, and here, you’ll find that you review what you believe to be right and certain questions or challenges, will force you to broaden your horizons. During April and May, circumstances will challenge you to explore various new activities that may not previously have crossed your mind. This may not sound like good news, but once you understand that 2013 is a year of discovery, you’ll also recognise how much there is to learn from even unsettling events.

This also indicates that when Mars challenges Uranus on August 1 and shake-ups require that you rethink what you’re doing, these are actually an opportunity for discovery. By no means are you alone in this. Those around you will be in the midst of change as well, and often you’ll team up for this process of exploration, which will be exciting. What is most important is to recognise 2013 as a voyage of discovery. It’s not deciding where you’re going that’s important, but learning from each experience.

Adopt that approach, and you’ll learn from the year’s twists and turns and recognise that what initially seems challenging can actually often present itself as an opportunity to broaden your thinking and your horizons. It’s also a chance to add something or, perhaps, somebody wonderful and exciting to your life.

Love and relationships: Close as your relationships with family and friends are, you pride yourself on your self-possessed nature. Initially you won’t enjoy the vulnerable feelings you experience. However, they bring joys beyond anything you’ve imagined, so soon decide they’re worth it.

Finances and work: Obviously life would be easier if arrangements were straightforward and lasting. But this not only is unrealistic, you’ll want to be free to explore new, exciting and often profitable ideas and offers. The more flexible you are, the better.

Health and well being: Sometimes going away to a spa is just that, a getaway. However, if you visit someplace worthwhile during the year’s second half, you could leave with a regime that will keep you fit and eating well for a very long time.

PISCES (Feb 18 – Mar 19)
If there’s a single word that could be used to describe what 2013 is about for you, Pisces, it’s ‘inspiration’. That may sound exciting – and, in fact, it is. Yet at the same time it may seem a bit vague, partly because it’s hard to define inspiration – but, also, because you probably live more by who and what inspires you than any other sign. As a Pisces and somebody ruled by the visionary planet, Neptune, you are an idealist. You have an instinct for what is uplifting. You’re drawn to a life that isn’t about mere practicalities, but about vision. In fact, many Pisces have had battles with blending that sense of vision that is so important to you and life’s practicalities.

Yet, during 2013 you’ll find that if you trust that vision, then you’re not only being true to yourself, but that you will somehow be led to remarkable developments that will enrich your life in many ways. As the year begins, you’ll be weighing your priorities and with Mars, the planet of ego and courage, moving into your sign on February 2, and remaining there until March 12, you’ll also be conducting a review of your plans for the future. This period of personal review and, in some cases, challenge – that is, the need to stand up for yourself – climaxes with the Pisces New Moon, on March 11, which always constitutes a sort of a personal new year.

It’s interesting to note that also during this period Mercury will be retrograde in your sign, from February 23 to March 17. While that period’s best known for the confusion it brings, in this case it could reveal arrangements that no longer suit you or, perhaps, beliefs from the past that you could well let go of. So, to say that the months of February and March are a period of intense review wouldn’t just be correct, it would be worth marking it in your diary so that you can take full advantage of the insights that result from this powerful period. It also means that you’ll be inspired to undertake new activities.

This won’t be difficult, simply because judging by the planetary aspects for 2013 those activities will be triggered by amazing developments in the world around you. This means that you won’t have to go far to stumble over something wonderful coming your way. With Saturn, the most practical planet of them all, brilliantly aspecting your ruler, Neptune, for most of the year, you’ll find that amazing opportunities come from out of the blue. If there’s any challenge, it will be recognising them. Sometimes it will be obvious what’s in your best interests. But in certain cases what arises will be so remarkable that either you’ll distrust it or, you’ll think it’s not going to last.

If there’s any challenge, it’s pursuing what arises, particularly the brilliant developments that take place in the last half of July when a series of superb aspects involving the expansive Jupiter, the practical Saturn and your ruler, Neptune, lead to opportunities beyond anything you would have thought possible. However, since you’ll already have reviewed your position while Mars is in your sign, you’ll be conscious of what you want to do.

You’ll want to continue to think about what you’re doing, especially in terms of close relationships or partnerships in business. It may not be until the powerful Pisces Full Moon on September 19, that you’re clear on how things would work out. Be prepared to take time over what you do, what you plan and what you expect of others. Most of all, if you look at 2013 as a year of discovery and miracles, you’ll make the best of what promises to be a remarkable year.

Love and relationships: You’ll want to avoid rigid commitments. Not because things are going wrong but, rather, what seems best one day could be exceeded by what appears within a short time. Work or live closely with those who are central to your life, yet remain flexible.

Finances and work: Sudden, unsettling and often worrying changes shake things up. Yet they’re part of a pattern that will lead to breakthroughs, even in situations you’ve regarded as hopeless. Once they might have been. But this is a year of transformation, and in a lot of ways.

Health and well being: What could possibly be wrong with excitement? If there’s so much of it you’re not eating properly or sleeping enough, plenty. Tedious as looking after yourself seems when there’s so much to do, regard it as essential. Because it is.