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Celebrities mourn Abdul Hussain Abdul Redha

The Kuwaiti actor died on Friday at the age of 78

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Prolific Kuwaiti actor Abdul Hussain Abdul Redha, known for his uproarious sense of humour and comedic body of work, died in a London hospital on Friday. He was 78. Here’s what his fellow Arab entertainers had to say, as they took to Twitter to remember and mourn their friend and colleague.

Nasser Al Gassabi said, “I condole myself for the loss of the acting giant Abdul Hussain Abdul Redha, and I send condolences to his kind family and his sons Adnan and Bashar. Goodbye, great one. Your absence, dear teacher, cannot be filled by anyone else.”

Al Gassabi, who last worked with Abdul Redha on the Ramadan comedy show Selfie, also retweeted a video of Abdul Redha speaking highly of him as an actor, and responded: “You’ve made me cry, dear Abu Adnan.”

Emirati singer Ahlam, who changed her profile photo to a drawing of Abdul Redha, tweeted: “Pray for our brother and father and our friend and dear loved one Abdul Hussain Abdul Redha to enter paradise. Just as he made us happy yesterday, pray today for his happiness and forgiveness.”

Moroccan actress Mayssa Maghrebi wrote: “God bless you, the knight of Gulf comedy, and grant you paradise.”

Actor Taim Hassan said: “God bless the acting giant Abdul Hussain Abdul Redha. A huge loss of his artistic capacity that cannot be compensated. A huge loss for anyone who knew him personally. We ask for God to forgive him. May God be merciful to you, Abu Adnan.”

Singer Najwa Karam tweeted: “Our condolences to the beloved Kuwaiti people for the loss of artist Abdul Hussain Abdul Redha. God willing, his spirit is in the sky.”

Kuwaiti actor Abdullah Boushehri wrote: “This is the only scene that no one wrote for you, Abdul Hussain Abdul Redha. You brought everyone together in their prayers for your mercy and forgiveness, until your final moment… majestic.”

Singer Haifa Wahbe said: “To God we belong and to him we shall return. May God bless the Kuwaiti artist Abdul Hussain Abdul Redha and grant him paradise.”