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When visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi, stay in comfort and style, without breaking the bank


Enjoy a relaxing time at a budget-friendly and funky hotel


Westermoskee Aya Sofya

It’s not all tourist hedonism — the Dutch offer plenty of Muslim-friendly activities too

London theater

When in Britain, do make it a point to be at the theatres in West End and beyond … you won’t regret



Kenya is world famous for safaris, here are some non-generic things to do in this beautiful country

Tilal Liwa

Summer and 50 degrees out means travel, but if you don't want to, here are a few staycation deals

Travel News

Maitha during a diving trip to Sharm El Shaikh

Don’t judge people of other nations before you know them, says Al Qader who works with Abu Dhabi government

tab Game of Thrones11

The Victorian state government revealed that the stations will be named through a public vote