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Newly-wed Salem has to survive a masked assailant in Tariq Al Kazim’s ‘Until Midnight’


The Saudi Arabian filmmaker’s English-language feature film releases in the UAE on June 21


New film ‘Hereditary’ has taken the industry by storm. Here are other films that made an impact when they released

Movie Reviews

tab Jon Hamm, Dean Norris, and Rosamund Pike in Beirut_(2018)

Jon Hamm shines in this complex Middle East-set thriller, but in the absence of Arab voices, the movie never takes a satisfying shape

tab _Ocean’s 8.

A stellar cast doesn’t help this gender-swapped sequel that tries hard to ape Steven Soderbergh’s much-loved original

tab TheToysThatMadeUs_S101_01

Netflix’s show will make you rethink your childhood