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Podcast Post: 4 new shows to dig into

October brings a new true crime show, a musical, a documentary and an old-fashioned whodunnit

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While the beginning of autumn heralds brand new TV shows and the return of some of our favourites — are you watching Star Trek: Discovery yet, because you definitely should — it also now means that we have a whole bunch of new audio shows to contend with. Here are four new shows to tune into this month:

It Makes a Sound (Released on September 24)

Written, co-directed, and performed by New York-based theatre queen Jacquelyn Landgraf, It Makes a Sound (produced by Night Vale Presents) follows Deirdre Gardner’s quest to restore a place by reviving the music of someone called Wim Faros. Using the only tools she has at her disposal: microphone in her bedroom and a long lost cassette tape. Of course, she doesn’t have a cassette player. The nine-episode serialised fiction podcast (with one episode out so far) is a treat to the ears and some of the tunes stay with you long after you’ve unplugged.

Dirty John (Releasing on October 2)

The Los Angeles Times makes its debut into the word of podcasting with what may be its own Serial with Dirty John, a new six-episode true crime podcast. Produced and distributed by podcast curator Wondery, the new investigative, narrative story from Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Christopher Goffard is the “real story of an interior designer who finally thinks she found love via online dating.” The series will also be updated weekly on print and on the newspaper’s website and all of the content will work together as a multimedia investigative piece.

Deadly Manners (Releasing on October 3)

AMC’s new celebrity-led podcast series is a fictional murder mystery set in the ’50s. The 10-part, dark comedy series will feature big names like Kristen Bell, LeVar Burton, Alisha Boe, Denis O’Hare, RuPaul, Timothy Simons, and Anna Chlumsky and we couldn’t be more chuffed about this old-school, Cluedo-type romp. The show follows the events of a dinner party at the home of the wealthy Billings family. When a snowstorm traps all of their eccentric guests inside, someone starts murdering people in the house. Over the course of the series, listeners will try to solve the case along with the rest of the characters.

What Really Happened (Releasing on October 25)

What Really Happened? is a new documentary podcast series by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions company that wants to take listeners into the unknown side of historic news stories while trying to find out if what we think we know ever really even happened. Each episode of the podcast will focus on an infamous story involving a well-known figure, such as Muhammad Ali, Princess Diana, and Adolf Hitler. ‘What happened during Britney Spears’ 2007 breakdown’ and ‘Why did Michael Jordan leave basketball’ are some of the questions that will be addressed in the podcast.