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eBooks: Sparks Fly and The Sense of an Ending

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Sparks Fly and A Sense of an Ending are now available for download.

Sparks Fly
Author Lucy Kevin
Price Dh6

When Angelina,a beautiful and free-spirited feng shui fanatic meets Will,a steadfast company CEO and firm believer only in what he can see and touch around him, it's clear from the start that they are total opposites. But with the help of a meddlesome but kind-hearted friend and other would-be Cupids, the pair start to see the magic that's created when opposites attract.

The Sense of an Ending

Author Julian Barnes
Price Dh51
When Tony Webster and Adrian Finn meet as kids at school, they begin a valuable friendship that lasts throughout their school days until the pair drift apart when they head to university. Now middle-aged and looking back on his life, Tony recalls the actions of his youth when a lawyer's letter throws up a big surprise, leaving him to question the accuracy of his memories.