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TGI Friday’s vegetarian menu review

Restaurant Review: TGI Friday’s

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    Various locations, Deira , Dubai
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Vegetarians don’t have it easy in this meat-loving world, and dining out can often mean extensive Google searches to find restaurants with options for them. So I was surprised to see TGI Friday’s take these options a step further with a whole new vegetarian menu.

TGI Friday’s is known for its massive, mostly meat-heavy portions and almost everyone I know has been to it. A separate vegetarian menu is a game-changer and I just had to see what it was all about.

Being curious and pretty hungry, my friend and I order almost all the dishes off the eight-item menu. The dishes are mostly Tex-Mex style and heavy on the cottage cheese.

For starters, we try the cheese spring roll, which is a very basic dish. It’s cheesy, crispy, and that’s about it.

The mains are really where TGI Friday pull out all the stops.

If you think vegetarian food is all salads and granola then the jalapeno roasted chimichanga is there to change your mind. The deep fried burrito stuffed with vegetable and cheese is greasy, hearty perfection. They don’t skimp on the filling or the flavours, and it’s definitely a favourite of the bunch.

Another standout dish is the cottage cheese fajita sizzler. It comes with roasted vegetables and a sizeable portion of cottage cheese. Assembling fajitas at the table is always an enjoyable endeavour and I didn’t even miss the usual chicken or beef filling.

The blackened cottage cheese alfredo pasta was a bit of a downer. The sauce was too thin and didn’t have much flavour, and the pasta itself wasn’t cooked right.

Apart from the good food, I will have to applaud the staff who were very patient and understanding of our questions about the ingredients used.

It’s nice to see a chain like TGI Friday expand their menu, and do justice to it. Next up, something for the vegans, perhaps?