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SpiceKlub restaurant review

Restaurant Review: SpiceKlub

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    75 Dhs
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    Opposite Aster Hospital, Near Sharaf DG, Kuwait Street, Mankhool , Dubai
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Opening hours:
Noon-3.30pm, 6pm-midnight (Ramadan timings may vary)

Phone number:
04 448 9590

The Indian molecular gastronomy/modern cuisine train in Dubai keeps on chugging along and one of its stops in SpiceKlub in Mankhool.

Like its sister restaurant Quattro Ristorante, this spot is also vegetarian and boasts well-thought-out and vibrant interiors. There’s an ornate colourful wall that is probably the most photographed thing in the restaurant, interesting light fixtures and comfortable seating all around.

We kick off the meal with some interesting chaat starters; papdi chaat (a flat dough wafer topped with yoghurt and tangy sauces), pani puri (a hollow dough ball filled with flavoured water) and pav bhaji fondue (cheesy tomato and vegetable curry).

With a bit of scientific trickery, the yoghurt on the papdi chaat comes as a soft globe that bursts in the mouth, while the pani puri water is served in test tubes and syringes. The papdi chaat is a burst of bright flavours and interesting textures. While fun to look at, the pani puri arrangement is messy to deal with and I give up after a few bites. The standout starter is the pav bhaji fondue which is smooth, cheesy and hot, but full of that tangy pav bhaji flavour.

The galouti kebab — usually made of meat — is given a vegetarian makeover here and is as melt-in-the-mouth and flavourful as the original.

After the great starters, the mains left us a bit under whelmed — the vegetarian makhanwala (a buttery, creamy curry) and the dum biryani were average at best.

The desserts here also get a touch of molecular gastronomy — the kulfi comes in nitrogen frozen crumbles, with various sauces such as chocolate, rose and Lotus biscuit to mix in. It’s a bit of a challenge to eat, but I’m sure it’s a hit with the kids.

I can see SpiceKlub being a fun outing for the family, and for vegetarians looking for some edginess to their food. The concept and execution is both there, but the mains could use a boost.

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