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Revo Cafe at Anantara The Palm restaurant review

Restaurant Review: Revo Cafe

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    100 Dhs
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    Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, Palm Jumeirah , Dubai
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Opening hours:
Daily 8am-10.30pm

Phone number:
04 567 8304

My Instagram followers might find this hard to believe, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood for brunch. Oh okay, I was on a clean-eating challenge and I had to entertain some friends over a meal on a Friday afternoon.

Since they’re out-of-towners, we head down to The Palm Jumeirah, where I’ve been wanting to check out Revo Cafe at Anantara The Palm for some time now. It’s apparently popular with the ladies who lunch, which is just the right demographic. Ladies in tow, we head down to see if it hits the sweet spot.

Housed away from the main hotel, Revo Cafe has its own entrance — and its own valet parking. Inside, it’s a hipster magnet, with distressed wood walls, terrazzo floors, patchwork furniture, even bookshelves. Best of all, though, are the floor-to-ceiling waterfront views of the Burj Al Arab broken up by the occasional yacht. Every nook and cranny seems designed for Instagram — as does the food.

On the menu are cafe favourites with the occasional fancy name. I’d warned them in advance that I’m gluten-intolerant, but the menu helpfully highlights it too (not usually a standard feature, unlike dairy and shellfish).

Of course we have to order the burrata, which is cleverly disguised as an heirloom tomato salad — if you’re bleary-eyed, as we tend to be on Fridays, you might miss it! With just a touch of pesto, the flavours deliver, too. Sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics. Full points, too, to a wasabi prawn salad with mango and avocado. Not only is it pretty to look at, but tender, just-seared prawns work beautifully with crunchy lettuce and toasted sesame. And the wasabi doesn’t overwhelm. Between the three of us, it’s quickly dispatched

My friends move on to bagels with salmon and cream cheese, always a bit of a treat. Mine is served on doorstops of pretty decent but pretty heavy gluten-free bread. The fish and chips come well recommended — with its light and crunchy batter and flaky fillets, one of my mates couldn’t stop singing its praises.

As a gluten-free gourmand, I’m blown away by the fact that they brought an entire platter of pastries to the table — eclairs, cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, strawberry and chocolate tarts. For once, my friends fought me for them. Revo won me over right there. (Did they live up to the billing? Close, but then they were gluten-free, so...)

Keeping with the Instagram theme, the drinks — beet with celery and lemon, spinach with parsley and green apple and avo-melon-kiwi — come to the table in Mason jars. Perfect to trash-talk the town over (not that we did, of course!).

So although it’s a bit out of the way, with the charming service and excellent food, you’ll never miss the gargantuan Friday lunch buffet.

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