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Review: Fuchsia

Restaurant Review: Review: Fuchsia

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    Business Lunch
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    110 Dhs
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    Building 4, Bay Square, Business Bay , Dubai
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Opening hours:
Sun-Sat noon-11pm

Phone number:
04 453 5403

The term “hidden gem” gets thrown around a lot, but this is one instance where its use is absolutely appropriate.

One of several dining options at Bay Square in Business Bay, Dubai, Fuchsia is a must-visit destination for lovers of Thai food.

For the first course, our waiter suggested we try one of the specials: corn fritters. They were delicious, fresh and crunchy, and most importantly, not too oily.

We also tried the prawn cakes. In our experience, prawn cakes often end up being far too mushy, and sometimes it feels like you’d need to subject the contents to a complicated process of chemical analysis in order to find out whether there were any actual prawns inside.

Not so in this case; these prawn cakes were unabashedly all about the prawns: fresh, great texture, and very flavourful.

A great blend of textures and flavour were also to be found in the crystal seafood dumplings.

A firm decision had to be made to move on to our main courses, before we ended up being too full to be able to enjoy them properly!

Delightful is the only way to describe the duck curry, a creamy red curry with coconut milk and pineapple. All the ingredients were perfectly balanced to make every mouthful a rewarding experience of rich flavour with just the right amount of spiciness (you can choose how hot you want your dish to be).

We also had the pad thai, with chicken and prawns. It was pretty much the perfect pad thai; the portion size was just right, and crucially, the noodles were not over done.

After hearing that we enjoyed the duck curry, our waiter suggested that we also try the slow-cooked beef massaman curry with peanuts and potatoes. This is a decadently rich and sweet curry, and the beef is so tender it literally melts in the mouth.

Once again, we had to tear ourselves away from this course so that we could try some of the desserts.

The hazelnut chocolate springrolls are served with ice cream, and these crispy little treats are a great choice for those with sweet tooth and a love of chocolate.

If you prefer your desserts a little less sweet, then the coconut pancakes with pandan custard would be a great choice. The pancakes were light and fluffy, and the pandan custard was the perfect accompaniment.

After another fresh coconut water, it was time to leave. It’s not often that we already start planning our next visit to a restaurant before we’ve even left, but this is exactly what we found ourselves doing as we headed out of Fuchia’s doors.

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