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Miss Lily’s brunch review: Party like the Jamaicans

Restaurant Review: Miss Lily’s

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    Sheraton Grand Hotel, Shaikh Zayed Road , Dubai
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04 356 2900

There’s a Caribbean saying that goes, “The looks ah de pudding is not de taste,” which basically means not to judge a book by its cover. And so goes for Dubai’s New York-based Jamaican Miss Lily’s. Since it opened doors in the city in 2016, Miss Lily’s has been a favourite party spot, and as my companion and I, on a Friday afternoon, entered the surprisingly industrial and bare-boned entrance of the place and walked into what can only be described as a Jamaican paradise, we were pretty sure we were in for a wild time.

But as much as Miss Lily’s is about getting down and having a good time, it’s about one thing more: food. And this is why Miss Lily’s should be rated high on your brunches-to-do list, because they combine a great time with an even better culinary experience.

The ambience is fantastic, swiftly transporting you away from Dubai and into a Caribbean upstyled diner: the walls are lined with reggae vinyl covers, posters and funky artwork, speaker stacks are tucked into a corner of the bar area, vinyl shaped round tables and checkered tiles on the floor all add to the easy-going vibe.

The brunch package allows you to pick one starter, main and side. For appetisers, we picked the chicken wings and hotter pepper shrimp. The latter lives up to its name and is a spicy hot affair that will leave your tongue tingling for more. The wings were at best average and when we go next we’ll probably try out ackee hummus that sounds so intriguing.

The piece de resistance of the outstanding menu was the world famous jerk chicken. I’d venture so far to say that this should be the only way to make and eat chicken. The barbecued meat, infused with the richness of the all-spice, hot peppers and all kinds of herbs, is a delightful meal: one bite through the crisp and salty skin into the succulent meat, and it’s like a party in your mouth. The mango chutney they served it with warmed my Indian soul.

Our second mains order was the Jamaican patty melt with jerk fries. While it basically looks like a sandwich, the dish is packed high with flavourful meat and veggies and makes for an extremely satisfying and large meal. While we couldn’t finish the sandwich, we could have definitely gone for a second round on the fries.

Since my companion and I are both unapologetic meat fiends, our order reflected our tastes a little too strongly, upon which the folks at Miss Lily’s insisted we try out the jerk grilled corn, where corn and flakes of coconut are toasted together and infused with jerk mayo. It’s the kind of sweet and savoury mix that complements the otherwise spicy food so well.

And while we didn’t try any of the other vegetarian dishes, the options are many and exciting. There’s ackee hummus with grilled flatbread, curry vegetable roti (snow peas, long beans, shishito peppers, okra, coriander), kale caeser salad and body good salad (sucrine, shaved vegetable, sunflower seeds with carrot miso vinaigrette), and coconut pancakes, to name a few.

Another reason to make this brunch a must-visit is the music. The DJ spins top-notch ska and reggae music interspersed with new pop hits and before you know it, you’ll find that you’re reluctantly tearing yourself away from the food to join other brunch-goers at the bar, dancing your weekly woes away.

All in all, Miss Lily’s is a value for money brunch that goes all out to keep you entertained through the course of its five-hour duration (one of the longest brunches in Dubai, we think).

The place gets super busy super fast, so make sure you make your reservations well in advance. Happy brunching!

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