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Kyo Brunch Review: A new Japanese spot on Palm Jumeirah

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Restaurant Review: KYO Restaurant & Lounge

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    Kyo Restaurant and Lounge, Palm Jumeirah , Dubai
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Opening hours:
Saturday brunch 11am-4pm

Phone number:
04 557 5182

Kyo Lounge is open daily from 7pm until 11pm and midnight on weekends The second you step into this beautiful Japanese garden, you instantly feel like you’ve been transported to Kyoto in Japan. In this peaceful place, every corner is a sunken seating area with comfortable couches and the faint sounds of water fountains, bringing you an incredible sense of relaxation. The food is a culinary match between East and West that works incredibly well.


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At Kyo, their philosophy is to immerse the senses into the entire dining experience. A process called ‘Yoshoku’ in Japanese. Located on the Palm Jumeirah’s Golden Mile, this neighbourhood jewel is home to a team of talented chefs who make some of the best sushi we’ve tasted in Dubai.

The ‘Br-Unch’ at Kyo is designed to showcase the best of the weekend dining culture, melding a memorable tasting experience with an elegantly relaxed off-duty ambiance. The brunch is divided up into ‘Br’ which the western oriented breakfast part of the meal, then the ‘Unch’ which is the Asian parts.

Up first, we were served a viennoiserie basket and homemade preserves, that had a hint of Asian flavours including kumquat croissants, green tea Melon Pan, and yuzi and chocolate brioche with tangzhong toasts. Our second course involved a brunch staple, eggs benedict with benedikuto, seaweed muffin, smoked salmon, poached egg and Japanese sabayon shichimi togarashi followed by a refreshing seasonal fruit salad is enlivened with hibiscus and sansho water to cleanse the palate before the sushi came down.

The sushi, sashimi and Nigiri included Hosomaki sweet water eel, hotate, waski duke, Uramaki salmon, ilkura cheese and lime and Nigtizushi flamed scallop and wasabi duke. The sushi was followed with a selection of Miso Soup, Asian salads made with green tea soba noodles and fresh crab meat.

We then got to enjoy a selection of fish, prawns, octopus and scallops off the Teppanyaki grill with a side of miso aubergine and vegetables grilled on the robata.

Then came the show stopping dessert platter, which had a generous selection of decadent bites, perfect for sharing. The crowd favourite was the chocolate fondant, the ginger ice cream and the yuzu creme Brule.


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Both enriching and entertaining, Br-Unch at Kyo is the place to see and be seen this spring.


Kyo Restaurant is open daily from 8 am until 11 pm

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