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Iftar of the day: Amiri Tent, Dubai

Restaurant Review: Amiri Tent

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    200 Dhs
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    The Address Montgomerie Dubai, Emirates Hills , Dubai
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Opening hours:
Sunset-9pm (Ramadan timings)

Phone number:
04 390 5600

Breaking your fast in a restaurant, albeit a plush one, can be a slightly clinical culinary experience.

But imagine if you could do the same in a white tent with mashrabiya walls, muted lighting and overlooking a scenic lake?

Amiri Tent, erected on the lawns of The Address Montgomerie Dubai, is all about keeping it personal, cosy and festive.

We began our meal in the most traditional manner with dates and laban. A steaming bowl of lentil soup with the right consistency and flavour came next and it was hearty.

My family and I are not big into salads, but the healthy station at this iftar buffet was lush. The roasted aubergine and beetroot cubes drizzled with olive oil was our favourite. Seasoned well, all you needed to do was dip it with some yoghurt or spoon it was some creamy mouttabel and you are good to go.

And what’s a traditional iftar without some crispy falafel? The traditional crispy treats made with ground chickpeas had the right amount of bite. The texture inside wasn’t gooey, one of my pet peeves.

The iftar here isn’t about the quantity of dishes on display, but focussed on whipping up quality dishes with good flavour. The lamb biryani stood out in the main course. The meat had a perfect spicy marinade and the fragrant rice that covered it made it a top-notch dish. Among the kababs, it was the shish tawook and the minced lamb kofta that had our vote.

As far the ambience goes, you have the choice to sit on tables and chairs with matte gold finish or the ornate sofas with a coffee table between them. The latter isn’t very comfortable to eat at, but is great to hold conversations and drink coffee afterwards.

Now if a meal is judged by the way it wraps up, then the iftar at Amiri brings out its true arsenal with its dessert station.

The rasmalai (cottage cheese dunked in milk) was delightful. It wasn’t overly sweet and cloying. The gulab jamuns and the traditional Arabic Umm Ali also stood out. If you are not in a mood to indulge, there’s always freshly cut fruits that will come to your rescue.

Go for this iftar if you are in the mood for a warm iftar setting that has a familial feel.

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