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Dubai's original sushi shop

Restaurant Review: Sumo Sushi & Bento

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    Town Centre, Jumeirah , Dubai
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Natsu Miso, rock n roll shrimp, yakisoba, sushi sandwich, tempura ice cream

Opening hours:
Daily 11am-11pm

Phone number:
800 7866

Dubai: Long timers here often refer to Sumo Sushi & Bento as Dubai’s original sushi restaurant.

During a recent visit to its branch at Town Centre on Jumeirah Road I found out why. Operating for almost 12 years (and to my mind long before most of the fancied sushi joints came up in the emirate), the open-top ground level restaurant continues to serve some of the classics just as it did at the start. Yet it hasn’t stopped reinventing.

Take natsu miso for instance. Part of Sumo’s new limited period menu, the minced chicken and eggplant dish with seasonings, cherry tomatoes and truffle oil is a wonderful display of Japanese creativity with uncommon ingredients.

There are the usual suspects too, like the classic prawn tempura that comes with a delectable golden fried batter and the ‘rock n roll’ shrimp that’s deep fried in a tempura and served with a mouthwatering spicy mayo sauce. A tomyum soup, garnished with prawns and squid in a chicken stock base and Thai spices, goes well alongside.

From the mains, highly recommended is the Sumo fried rice special stir fried with shrimps, chicken and vegetables, arguably one of its best-sellers. However, my personal favourite is the yakisoba (literally fried buckwheat), a true time-tested Japanese variant of the fried noodles that’s stirred with shrimp, chicken and vegetables. For an all-in-one kind of an experience though, there’s always a Bento box and not surprisingly there’s even an all-vegetarian box replete with ginger tofu and sautéed shitake mushrooms.

Many prefer just sushis and there are almost 20 types of rolls, but my pick is the sushi sandwich made with fresh minced tuna and salmon that’s mixed with crispy tempura, spicy mayo and tobiko. Rolled and cut into the form of a white bread sandwich, it’s amazingly fresh and crisp. Sumo’s desserts are equally special but nothing is as delightful as the tempura ice cream that comes in a stunningly crisp panko shell.

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