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Dine in the dark in Dubai: A review

Restaurant Review: Ginger

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    Ramada Hotel Jumeirah, Satwa , Dubai
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Opening hours:
Every Sunday from 6.30pm onwards

Phone number:
04 702 7030

The origin of the blind dining experience originated in Paris as Le Gout Du Noir (the taste of darkness) in 1997. The movement took place across many restaurants in the French capital. After that, many restaurants around the world adopted the concept, from Blindekuh in Zurich and Noir in Toronto. In 2015, pan Asian restaurant Ginger decided to host regular blind dinners, where guests are invited to don blindfolds and aprons (to keep your clothes clean).

We were invited to make our way through a four course dinner at Ginger. Every time In the Dark takes place, they will create a new offering, so you can read everything I ate without ruining your experience with spoilers. Everyone is asked about food allergies beforehand, to ensure the safety of everyone dining.

The dinner begins at 8pm sharp. “Blindfolds on!” the hostess says and everyone covers their eyes. The lights are dimmed and the food is served. I was slightly disoriented about the placement of my cutlery. Although I know that my glass of water is always placed on the right and that my fork should always be on the left, I found myself feeling around the table to find my eating instruments.

The dinner began with an amuse bouche, I could taste salmon and avocado and a hint of miso. I missed a few ingredients, it was a salmon, tuna, kani crab stick and avocado wrapped with cucumber topped with Japanese miso dressing. I guessed around 40 per cent of that dish correctly. Some flavours are definitely more dominant than others. The trio sashimi salad was a great palate cleanser.

The second course had a very powerful scent. I couldn’t identify it. But when I took a bite, I knew it was fried prawns. The server came over and revealed that I was eating a quinoa prawn roll, made with Vietnamese prawn, rolled with quinoa, mint levees, vermicelli noodles, and the strong scent was definitely the combination of sweet chili with tamarind sauce.

Our third course was a Thai chicken soup, which I was able to guess straight away. The ingredients were very simple but also very flavourful.

The main course was definitely my favourite. I knew I was eating a white fish with a side of vegetables and rice. It was difficult to identify which type of fish. The manager then came over to explain exactly what I ate. A wok fried hammour fillet in black bean sauce with onion, mushroom, capsicum, red pepper and yellow pepper, served with a side of asparagus fried rice.

Dining in the dark really does allow your other senses to work overtime. My sense of smell and taste, which are usually quite strong were picking up flavours that I may not have realised with all my senses.

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