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Al Mayass restaurant review: A haven for serious foodies

Restaurant Review: Al Mayass

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    130 Dhs
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    Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Downtown Dubai , Dubai
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Opening hours:
Daily noon-1am

Phone number:
04 448 9558

Order half-portions when you go to Al Mayass, the Lebanese-Armenian restaurant at Sofitel Dubai Downtown. The click-clack of your shoes on the wooden floors as you enter the white-walled cocoon of this foodie-haven will give you an indication of the seriousness of the spot: it’s meant for people with big appetites, who are in the business and in the mood for some serious eating.

We began with a generous helping — although to be fair all portions are rather large — of a fresh salad with rocket leaves and tiny tomatoes in a light vinaigrette. Next up was the my-word-this-is-amazing fattoush, with the freshness of summer with a twist of tartness, and a hummus with fluffy, freshly made bread that could have made a Happy Meal blush. But we weren’t done — not by a long shot. A plate of vine leaves with a laban and tomato mix was a sour delight, before the beautifully seasoned Armenian kabab. If you must order only one dish, this should be it. We did give the cherry sauce kabab a try too; it’s a signature dish and ranks high on the list of popularity. But if like me you like heat to spice up your plate, this is one you could give a miss.

Another word of caution: Sit away from the outside area. Although it’s well covered, the heat from this area encroaches onto inside territory, so sitting too close may cause you some discomfort.

The key is to focus on the food and the quick service. The nosh is plentiful, and while some menus were not available — drinks and desserts — when we visited, our servers were ready with recommendations that ended up being delicious.

But seriously, this is for the focused eater.

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