'Colors like beige, brown, off white and orange are very of the moment and when combined right can look fantastic.' Image Credit: Ascots & Chaples

Are you ready for the glam of the races? As the official tailoring partner for the Dubai World Cup Style Stakes, 2023, Ascots & Chaples will help you to step out in style lending their expertise on race day style. The brand director Gary Sweeney shares exclusively with The Kurator the style tips for the day.


My first top tip would be (and something which I will be looking out for on the day) is Gent’s who are not afraid to show their personality through their wardrobe, without making themselves look silly. Having attended previous years world cup style stakes events, many gents have felt the need to go OTT with their ensembles to the point of a style competition turning into a fancy dress competition.

This year I am looking to find a gent who has an elevated sense of style and who’s personality can be seen through his sartorial choices, but without looking like a clown. I guess what I’m really looking for is someone who looks effortlessly cool, confident, and comfortable.

Dubai World Cup style tips KURATOR
How to dress for the stylish races Image Credit: Ascots & Chaples

Colors/Trends for Spring

The trends for SS23 show a looser silhouette when it comes to tailoring. Now while some of these looks from Fashion week may be very directional, you can adapt this to your own level of what you feel comfortable with. Remember relaxed clothing or suits can still be tailored to the proper length while giving a subtle nod to trends.

Dubai World Cup style tips KURATOR
How to dress for the stylish races Image Credit: Ascots & Chaples

Colors like beige, brown, off white and orange are very of the moment and when combined right can look fantastic. When done right, and worn in a subtle way, a dusky pink suit can look fantastic. However, please note I am not looking for a walking episode of art attack so choose your colors wisely and don include more than two primary colors with a third accessory color to accent.


A nice loafer or brogue is a must here. The athleisure movement needs to be left to one side for the 25th. Put your best foot forward in a decent pair of shoes that will complement your look. As a big sneaker and suits fan, I must admit, I think the Dubai world cup is not the place or occasion to rock that look. Go more formal. Choose a cool pair of shades that suit the shape and frame of your face.

A Hat? At Royal ascot in the royal enclosure Morning Suit attire is mandatory. This consists of longer tail like black jacket with self-stripe trousers in charcoal grey, a waistcoat in contrasting color, a tie and then to TOP it off, a Top Hat. While this look is not as commonly seen here at The Dubai World Cup, it does ooze a certain sense of refined old school British style, seen on many high-profile race goers and royalty on international race days.

Other hat options maybe nice straw Panama hat or a peaky blinders esque flat cap. Choose one again that suits your face and is climate appropriate!

To tie or not to tie

While the tie in Men’s fashion over the last five or six years has seen a dramatic decline, The Dubai World cup is the perfect time to give your tie collection a bit of a revival and wear one. Nothing says well presented and put together then finishing off your look with a well tied tie. And make sure its at the right length, (the end of the tie falling right at your belt buckle or waistband) - if you don’t fancy a tie, you could opt for a bow tie or a cravat in a complimentary color for that extra bit of dandy to your outfit.

Get grooming!

While us males, have made great strides in the last decade by place importance on taking care of our skin and appearance, its no harm to issue a gentle reminder to all my fellow gentleman readers, to get yourself a decent haircut, and shave before the big race day! The most wonderful outfit can look less then desirable if you’re beard game isn’t on point. You want to look more David gandy and less Grizzly Adams!