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10 top bungee jumping destinations in the world

We present to you our top ten recommendations for one of the most exhilarating experiences

Image Credit: Pixabay

Booking season’s right around the corner and it’s high time for thrill seekers both the new and the old to get out and fill up their vacation schedules. 

For the Local

If you’re not up for flight tickets but want to sail the skies anyway. Here’s your neighbourhood saviour in the form of Gravity Zone, Dubai. 


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Book in advance here

For the Lush Life

An extreme sport doesn’t always need an extreme weather to go with it. Fancy viewing the tropical forest canopy as you jump headlong in the Central American region? Head off to Costa Rica, the only country that’s met every UN Development Programme criteria for environmental sustainability. 

Try the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or a combination of adventure sports here

For the City Hustler

Macau’s not just high-stakes when it comes to the casino floors and your money. This city also offers the opportunity of a lifetime with the Bungee Jump programme from the Macau tower, China. At 233 metres, it’s not just the highest place from which you can jump in Asia but all over the globe. 

Check out said jump here

For a Leap of Faith

The world knows Nepal not just for its breath-taking Himalayan achievement as home to Mt. Everest but also its scenic beauty being the perfect backdrop to much soul-searching. But Nepal also has a wild side. Jump into the Bhote Koshi River valley and experience Nepal like you never thought you could.


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For the Night Crawler

Jumping from a 220m height with nothing but a rope to protect you can already seem like the ultimate test of courage. But what if you were also blind-folded in the process? Alright, perhaps no one’s taking it that far, but you can get pretty close at the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland. Do remember that that scenic Swiss dam also goes by many others names including the Contra Dam and Locarno Dam. 

Get started with the process here

The Safari Detour

The Velds of South Africa are all about the vast sunset horizon as far as the eye can see. But what about a change of view from several hundred metres above? Take a jump into the breath-taking African Wilderness from South Africa’s Bloukrans Bridge, the world’s highest natural commercial jump site. 


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Go ahead, take the leap

On the South Side


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If you haven’t seen the Southern Hemisphere yet, here’s a brilliant place to start, and we’re not talking about mainland Australia. Nevis Highwire in Queenstown as a jump site is just as exciting as it sounds. New Zealand never disappoints. 

Build up to the experience with spectacular drives and end it in the most epic manner possible here 

For the Culture Craver

There’s a general misconception, easy to develop, that cultural capitals like to stay bound by their sophistication and old-world charms. But what about channelling that old-world charm into new-world crazy? Asiago in Italy can promise you that. Explore surrounding serene Asiago near the Italian Alps as you prepare yourself for bungee jumping from a bridge. 


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Try here

When in Arizona

America’s not just about bustling streets and cultural melting-pots, it’s also about canyons, creeks and the Colorado River. Marble Canyon’s jump off Navajo Bridge offers one of the most spectacular views of the Colorado River which contrasts the starkly arid surroundings.

Jump opportunities are scheduled, get there ahead of the rest here or try another one here.

For the Meddler in the Middle

We aren’t done with the African continent just yet. Ever imagined what it’d be like to physically hang over International waters and not just in the comfort of your airplane seats? If you haven’t maybe it’s time you considered the experience at the Victoria Falls Bridge treading the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. 


At the end you'll regret the risks you didn't take. #freefall #victoria_falls #bungeejumping

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Here’s a site to get you on the go