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Karak Chai: A quest to find the best

After months of tasting Karak chai, I discover the most tea-riffic ones in Dubai

Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News Archive
Karak Chai

Dubai is the city of superlatives; the world’s tallest building, the largest shopping mall, the fastest police car, and the list goes on... In this city, everything is big and grand. And that is one of the things that I love about living in such a vibrant and amazing place.

But sometimes I fall in love with Dubai all over again for its little things. In this instance, its Karak chai or chaya, whatever you like to call it. Hailing from Karachi, I can safely say that tea helps a lot of us stay sane and get through the day. I suppose our mutual love for tea may be one of those things that unite both Indians and Pakistanis. 

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So if I’m not out with friends eating at my favourite Pakistani restaurants, we sit and chat over a cup of tea which usually turns into two or three cups if the company is good.

Since a few of you liked my list of top Pakistani restaurants, I thought why not share a few Karak chai places I like.

Farrouj Hut – Al Barsha


If you’re like me and need a cup of chai on the go or while driving, which, by the way, is completely legal according to this report, head to Farrouj Hut in Al- Barsha. Secretly tucked away in one of the lanes in Barsha, Farrouj hut’s service is quick, their chai tastes great and it’s priced at Dh1, including VAT!

Cost Dh1 Location Al Barsha  Opening Hours Open Daily from 5am to 2am

Al Hara Cafeteria

Al Harra

I’m not a chai expert but curiosity about this place grew when the server asked me if I wanted the normal or disco chai. The name disco chai instantly transported me to a time where servers would be serving chai on roller skates on the streets, but that was just this comedian from Karachi who started a rumour to prove a point that not everything you hear online is true. Anyway, the disco chai and normal chai served at Al Hara Cafeteria are some of the best teas out there! 

Cost Dh1 Location Al Karama Timings Daily from 8am to 12am

Hum Yum

hum yam

I discovered Hum Yum after I was done devouring burgers at Falla on Jumeirah, (which, by the way, is absolutely awesome, but more about that some other day). Hum Yum is on Jumeirah road and I love this place because there’s an indoor and outdoor seating area.

Not only is their chai great but they have amazing tables that serve as makeshift carom boards so you can have a good time playing and drinking chai.

Cost Dh3 Locations Umm Suqeim, Hor Al Anz, Kite Beach 

You must be thinking, what kind of list is this, well it’s the kind where you help me discover places that serve this amazing drink because one cannot have enough chai!

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Which is your favourite Karak Chai spot?