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5 biggest fashion mistakes at DWC

Alanoud Badr and Dom Bagnato warn of fashion faux pas that will see you disqualified

This is how it's done
Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/ Gulf News
JSS 2014 judges Nicola Gibson, Alanoud Badr, Jessica Kahawaty, and Joelle Mardinia show us how it's done.

If you’re a ‘best dressed’ hopeful at this year’s Jaguar Style Stakes, here are five blunders you will want to avoid in order to win any titles. Two of the fashion stakes judges Alanoud Badr and Dom Bagnato warn of fashion faux pas that will see you disqualified.

1. Put that cleavage away

Ladies! Despite how lovely some dresses may look with a peek of familiar mammilla, it is actually against the rules at the Dubai World Cup to show off your cleavage. If you’re hoping to win any of the style stakes titles, a flash of your lovely décolletage could see you disqualified on the spot according to the judges. Why? Because a lady, especially one who goes to the races, is meant to be a virtue of modesty and sophistication and a show of cleavage isn’t quite just that.

2. It’s a race not a ball

This is one even we didn’t know. Ladies in long dresses will cost them their crown. The only acceptable dress length is either a couple of inches “above the knees or just below the knees.” Long flowy dresses or ballroom gowns won’t see you make it past the stables.

3. Hats please

We know sometimes one feels that a hat is not needed and a fabulous hairdo could easily wipe out half the hatter competition, but unfortunately this isn’t true. Simply, no hat means no crown according to the judges (sans the men). It is as mandatory for the ladies as their knickers, so get out there and get yourself a proper fascinator. While men won’t get disqualified, say the judges, a nice man-hat will certainly tip the scales in their favour.

4. Handbags a must

If you’re not wearing a handbag you’ve unknowingly relinquished your crown to the next person carrying a dead cat. Handbags are essential to enter the style stakes so make sure you pick out a good one. Man-bags on the other hand must be ditched in the labelled ‘man-bag garbage bin’ right outside the entrance.

5. Leave those shorts at home

Yes, some jumpsuits of the short kind can be quite glamourous on the ladies, but on a yacht maybe, not so much at the richest horse race in the world. This goes for the men too, who might even be refused entry. Shorts of any kind, in fact, will see you arrested and rushed off the grounds in an emergency golf cart (with a siren) by the DWC fashion police. So please leave those bloomers at home!

About the Judges

Alanoud Badr is a Saudi-born fashion designer who's successful label Lady Fozaza is worn by celebrities including the  Kim and Courtney Kardashian, Vampire Diaries actress Evan Rachel Woods, Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova and singer Nancy Ajram.

Kim Fletcher is a Melbourne based designer who specialises in creating beautiful quirky hats. Her first collection was launched in 1993 and her creations have been showcased in Dubai, England, Singapore, Germany and Australia.

Salman Sultan is part of the Jaguar Land Rover MENA team and he will support the fashion connoisseurs in selecting the best dressed at the Style Stakes event. 

Kate Hazell is a British fashion director, writer and stylist with over 10 years of industry experience. Currently, she is the fashion director of Esquire Middle East and editor of the bi-annual Esquire Big Black Book. 


Dom Bagnato is the founder of his self-named men's label and comes with a lot of experience including being Australian Myer fashions judge for 17 years, during the Melbourne Cup. He was a judge for the Jaguiar Style Stakes 2015.