Nikki Beach Cafe Nikki
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If you're big on sustainable dining, then this is a dinner for you. 

Taking place on Thursday, August 19th from 8pm to 10pm, Nikki Beach Resort & Spas Down-To-Earth dinner is defined by Chef Claudio’s mission to craft creations using quality, seasonal ingredients that are sustainably sourced from local and international farms, the Nikki Beach Garden and the sea in front of the hotel.

With over fourteen sharing-style dishes, priced at Dh 350 per person, Down-To-Earth pioneers sustainable dining through vibrantly colored, peak-season produce, along with elements from the land and sea. With the belief that making an impact starts at the dining table, the dinner series embraces its proximity to the seaside by largely incorporating raw seafood, at its purest form.

Chef Claudio Nikki Beach
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With similar food activations in many Nikki Beach locations around the globe, the dinner integrates fresh locally grown ingredients in each dish. Special menus have been curated with only KM0 products including fresh fish, meat and colorful veggies inspired by chefs worldwide. “Food has become a pillar of culture,” stated Chef Claudio. “As a sustainably conscious chef, I am a champion of ingredients that do not have to travel far to reach your plate.”

August’s tasting menu runs until 19th August 2021 at Cafe Nikki. The Autumn series’ dates and menu will be announced soon.

Key info:

Location: Cafe Nikki, Nikki Beach Resort & Spas, Pearl Jumeira
Cost: Dh350 per person
When: August 19